Site Log
5/11/05 - Added the ability for moderators to lock threads
11/13/03 - Made the comment search a bit faster
10/15/03 - Moved the stats link to the Picture Information section
- Removed the "stats" heading from the left sidebar.
9/16/03 - Added purple as a color option for the comments.
8/7/03 - Added a freepost image changer for the mods.
??/??/03 - Added URL search capabilities to the search engine.
6/22/03 - Changed the way favorites were stored for the better. I also updated the user profile pages and adjusted the way favorites were displayed.
- Added "Favorites" to the Picture Information area showing how many people have that image in their favorites list. You can also click "view" to view the people on that list.
3/20/03 - Added "Popular Today" to the right sidebar. This list is updated every hour with the most popular images on the site at that moment. The score represents # of votes + # of comments for the image today.
3/12/03 - Updated profile page so the "Picture #" link goes to the comments page for that image.
- Updated the code that figures out which page number a comment is on so that multiples of 20 don't take you to the wrong page.
2/17/03 - Added support for phrase matches using "s in the site/comment search.
2/6/03 - Added some visuals to the voting scale. A regular and riced out car for vehicle images and thumbs-up/thumbs-down images for all the other types of pictures.
2/5/03 - Added "Thread Search" option to the comments sections of the site
- Added ability to search all free posts in the subscriber comments search
1/6/03 - Added some new viewing options to the top 10 lists and new images list.
- Added some error checking to the submit image page.
- Added the Caption & Photoshop contest categories to the leader board.
11/7/02 - Limited picture submissions to 1280x1024
- Updated user profiles so favorite pics are categorized
- Added a "view all replies" thing to the comment system so clicking on the comment # will show you all replies to that comment.
11/4/02 - Added search by URL to the site search
10/9/02 - Changed caption/photoshop contests so users can vote for all the entries they like instead of just one entry.
10/2/02 - Added an option for subscribers so the site only selects random cars/trucks/etc without them having to change their user settings to only see those types.
9/27/02 - Created some subscription options for the site
- Added comments search for subscribers
- Changed profiles to show if a user is subscribed
- Subscribed users now have little star icons by their name in the comments areas
- Added a histogram showing how many 1's, 2's, etc a car has on the stats page (only visible to subscribers)
- Expanded new images list to two pages
9/25/02 - Added the "Click here if the above image is broken" link to the site. By clicking the link that image will be flagged for review by site moderators.
9/16/02 - Made Moderator names bold in the who's online list and Admin names are italic and bold.
- Made the reply numbers in comments clickable. If the comment that was replied to is on the same page the site will put that comment at the top of your browser. If it's on a seperate page then a pop-up window will open containing the comment that was replied to.
9/15/02 - Pictures that no longer work are now expired rather then deleted. This way the comments are saved and still available for reading and the pictures won't show up in random rotation.
9/10/02 - Added server time to the bottom of the site.
- Updated URL parser to display really long URL's better.
9/8/02 - Added a count next to the newest images link to tell you how many new images there are since you last checked the page.
9/7/02 - Added "Votes Yesterday" to the daily site stats.
9/2/02 - Added Track list feature.
8/27/02 - Update search so you can search by username
- Updated profile picture listing to just show the number of pics submitted and a link to the actual list of pictures next to it instead of listing every submitted picture in the profile.
8/26/02 - Added a check to prevent double posts.
8/24/02 - Raised "Not Rice" limit to 5.5 from 5.
8/22/02 - Added "Reply" link to comments
- Deleted comments now show up as "Nuked"
8/20/02 - Added "Your vote history" to the right menu bar
8/19/02 - Gave all the buttons and text boxes on the site a flat look
- Gave the site a consistent width and also made it wider
- Added a right menu bar
- Added a search box to the right menu bar
- Expanded the latest comments list to include more of the comment
8/16/02 - Added the site log
- Made usernames in the picture information links to profiles
- Redid the picture submission page
8/15/02 - Added caption contest category
- Added photoshop contest category
8/13/02 - Added Description Search
8/11/02 - Added Free Post
8/7/02 - Made comment font tags clickable
8/5/02 - Added [pic] comment tag
8/4/02 - Added "Who's online" feature
7/25/02 - Added Leader Board
7/19/02 - Made the car,truck,and other vehicle categories scale go from rice to not rice and mad the other categories go from good to bad
- 5 minute edit rule introduced
6/18/02 - Added "Add to favorites" feature
5/2/2002 - Updated user profiles to categorize submitted pictures
?/?/02 - Battle of the Blings was created sometime between 2/2 and 5/2
2/2/02 - 5 pictures/day rule introduced

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