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Picture Information
URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=39452
Submitted by: Sensekhmet
Comments: 20  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 04-06-2005
View Stats Category: Photoshop/Art
Opel Manta. Inexpensive RWD fun! I want one.


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4-06-2005 @ 11:57:30 AM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
You guys had Mustang and Camaro. Europe had Manta and Capri. These two were constantly battling for supremacy on the affordable RWD sports car market. The Capri was a bit faster (depends on the engine... Capri had a V6 but Manta had the "400" homologation special version) but I like Manta better.

4-06-2005 @ 11:58:45 AM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
1st gen Manta:

4-06-2005 @ 12:00:29 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
What was interesting was that Manta was big in rallying and Capri in racing. A race Manta was as rare as a rally Capri o_O

4-06-2005 @ 01:17:42 PM
Posted By : thirtyseven Reply | Edit | Del
#2, That first gen is a really sharp looking car. Have you seen John Barker's (of EVO magazine) Rover V8 powered ultimate track day car Capri? It's nuts.

4-06-2005 @ 02:37:32 PM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
Manta and Capri, both really nice cars. My father had two 1st gen Mantas so I guess when offered both, I would take the Manta. It would make the old man happy.

4-06-2005 @ 08:45:14 PM
Posted By : stang392 Reply | Edit | Del
I'd rock it for sure

5-02-2005 @ 01:05:45 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
I'd drive one. A Capri, too.

5-02-2005 @ 01:23:26 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
After some research:
Capri sold in throngs, Manta worse.
Basic capri used a 1300cc engine >_< top-of-the line had a 3.1 V6 or a fuel injected 2.8 V6 (everything below 2.0 was called a "brake" by Capri owners), Manta had a 1200cc (45HP I think o_O) in the cheapest version and a tuned 2.4 (?) in the 400 version.
So, Capri seems superior.... but I like the look of Manta better.

5-02-2005 @ 01:26:38 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
I'd just drop in a V8 and call it done. Or maybe a 4.3 V6. Or if I was feeling really froggy, the complete running gear from a GMC Syclone.

5-02-2005 @ 01:29:00 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#9, Uh... I'm living on a real V8 desert, you know...
But dropping in an older Alfa Romeo V6 would be nice *evil grin*

5-02-2005 @ 01:30:40 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#10, Oh, I'm just saying what I would do. Boy it sure is nice having all these V8s around. :)

5-02-2005 @ 01:31:39 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#11, >:(


5-02-2005 @ 01:32:20 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#11, Hmmm... in my family down here in Florida...

Nope, nope, nope, nope...none of us have a V8 in our cars... my mom ('99 Tracker), me, and my oldest sister ('94 Camry) all have 4-bangers, my middle sister has a V6 in her '00 Mazda MPV.

5-02-2005 @ 01:34:17 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
*Hugs 5.9 Magnum*

5-02-2005 @ 01:35:46 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#13, Face it, DiRF. As far as US car enthusiast are concerned, you suck.
*jumps into his 1400 Tipo and runs away from the red Mirage that just makes an unintentional hug burnout after DiRF revved and shifted into D forgetting that his econobox is FWD*

5-02-2005 @ 01:37:26 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
The closest V8 to me is my next-door neighbor's POS mid-'80s Crown Vic... that thing is rough. I've had to help them push it on more than one occasion. But I do it because they're a nice old couple that I know really do appreciate my help. :)

5-02-2005 @ 01:39:45 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#15, Yes, the cars my family owns suck. But I do not believe that makes me a sucky car enthusiast :(

Well, my sister's MPV is actually pretty damn nice... she has the middle row of seats removed, so whoever is sitting in the rear seat, it feels like a damn limo. Tinted windows, overhead lighting, radio controls and A/C vents in the back...

5-02-2005 @ 01:44:24 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#17, Easy, I was joking ;)
As far as cool roadtrip cars are concerned...
NOTHING beats a mid-to-large size vans. Back in my "eary medieval fighter" days I had tons of adventures, fun and just good time in a VW Transporter Mixt (seats and some cargo space in the rear). Alcohol, intelligent people, pipes, rock-punk-metal music, cigarettes, cursing, dirty jokes and sitting on a sword (ouch). Ah, these were the days :)

4-21-2008 @ 10:09:45 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
I like these.

11-22-2013 @ 03:35:50 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Didn't realize that JJ Abrams started his career as a professional photographer for Opel...

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