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Last 10 comments by 75 trans am

Comment for image #23464 9-05-2003 @ 02:03:29 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
anybody old enough to remember driving around in the 70's and 80's and seeing cars like this in peoples driveways? seemed like f-bodies, mustangs, chevelles and novas were everywhere and cheap as dirt. to bad -- now a days you stop at a house like this and ask if this car is for sale( you've probably seen it like this for MONTHS), and the owner either says he's gonna restore it(right!!!) or for $7000 you can have it.

aahh--- makes sad to think about all the old muscle cars destroyed in my youth!!!!!

Comment for image #6448 9-04-2003 @ 01:37:04 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
would a tundra truck REALLY be in a sport pro class??

Comment for image #6448 9-04-2003 @ 01:33:34 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
the pontiac cavalier is really collectible---- since pontiac never made one!!

Comment for image #25243 7-15-2003 @ 03:50:16 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
yep who would buy a hemi powered car now if you could only pick"pansy earth tone every one drives!!"

Comment for image #25243 7-15-2003 @ 03:48:04 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
lemon twist, plum crazy, pink panther... ah those were the days. gone and probably never to return.:(

Comment for image #25243 7-15-2003 @ 03:41:10 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
my favorite color car--- plum crazy!

Comment for image #25235 7-15-2003 @ 03:21:47 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
damn!!... that's some torque!!

Comment for image #25196 7-14-2003 @ 07:32:16 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
anyway the longer you look at it it just doesn't look right.

Comment for image #25196 7-14-2003 @ 07:31:09 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
i think your right.

the dodge decal on the front slopes down and i think the front tag says year one. they supply parts to a numerous different cars. i went to there showroom in atlanta last year to buy parts for my carand saw there show cars there but this car wasn't there!!

Comment for image #13827 7-14-2003 @ 03:12:41 PM
Posted By: 75 trans am  
pretty convenient when your paint matches the barricades next to it. if he breaks down he can make use of those!!

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