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Last 10 comments by Big Lan

Comment for image #39109 7-08-2005 @ 05:34:08 AM
Posted By: Big Lan  
What the goddamn hell ass crap fucking bullshit kinda shit is this? Oh my god how fucking gh3y! What kind of fucking dick smoking crackhead would do some shit like this? The wheels even stick out! They're wire wheels too! AAAAAAAHH!!!!

I have the sudden desire to stab the owner of this car in the eye.

Comment for image #6189 7-01-2005 @ 03:31:47 AM
Posted By: Big Lan  
Needs more Super Bee stickers

Comment for image #25740 6-30-2005 @ 03:06:37 AM
Posted By: Big Lan  
Actually, the Pinto is a totally different chassis AFAIK. The Maverick/Comet is based on the Falcon chassis, just like the Mustang, Cougar, Granada, Monarch, Versailles, and probably some other shit I forgot.

Comment for image #21753 6-30-2005 @ 02:55:24 AM
Posted By: Big Lan  
I know what it is! I know what it is! It's fucking ugly!

But alas, 'tis just a lowly Corolla. It's still fucking ugly tho.

Comment for image #41753 6-29-2005 @ 08:38:35 PM
Posted By: Big Lan  
Oh God. A Volkswagen is the last car I would want to drive me around.

I hope they didn't decide to use Lucas electronics. Of course, if they did, it actually might be reliable.

Comment for image #39933 6-29-2005 @ 08:01:33 PM
Posted By: Big Lan  
Or an undesireable car. Oh wait, that would include pretty much any 4-wheeled Suzuki, wouldn't it?

Comment for image #39933 6-29-2005 @ 07:57:44 PM
Posted By: Big Lan  
But wouldn't that make it more fun to trash somebody else's car too? :p

*Pulls out the Nomex too*

*Accepts Bio's generous offer, since more is never enough*

Comment for image #39933 6-29-2005 @ 07:52:49 PM
Posted By: Big Lan  
Why would you trash your own car, but not one that you would have no personal financial responsibility for? I mean, that is what rental insurance is for.

Comment for image #27412 6-22-2005 @ 12:25:58 AM
Posted By: Big Lan  
poor, poor car.

Comment for image #37907 6-11-2005 @ 05:31:08 AM
Posted By: Big Lan  
WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS?! God I hate some people. They could at least do this to a car nobody cares about, like a honda or something.

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