Username: Cobra Kid
Ricecop Account Number: 2942
Joined On: Dec 18, 2002
Status: Banned
Real Name: Pope Benedict XVI
Location: Vatican City
Car you drive: Popemobile
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Comments Posted: 640
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Other info: I am the Freakin Pope!! Yeah!!!

Last 10 comments by Cobra Kid

Comment for image #49830 2-18-2006 @ 04:16:43 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
Those lights match the studs on my shirts.

Comment for image #49305 2-18-2006 @ 12:59:12 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
I like to play with my ding-a-ling.

Comment for image #49825 2-18-2006 @ 12:57:50 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
I can just hear a cartoony "Boing!" sound coming from my pants.

Comment for image #49819 2-18-2006 @ 12:31:16 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
Kiss me, I'm eastern European.

Comment for image #49813 2-18-2006 @ 12:21:33 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
What's this? A non-hideous supercar or a mirage?

Comment for image #49802 2-18-2006 @ 12:15:51 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
Yeah, they run high 13's stock. I should know, I read magazines and bash cars I've never driven.

Comment for image #49801 2-18-2006 @ 12:14:59 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
I shoplift shampoo from Sears.

Comment for image #49787 2-17-2006 @ 04:31:16 AM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
I have no friends, but I do talk to animals.

Comment for image #49745 2-16-2006 @ 11:59:09 AM
Posted By: Cobra Kid  
I need to leave and throw myself in front of a cement truck.

Comment for image #39492 2-14-2006 @ 04:28:58 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid

No rollbars on any of them

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