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Last 10 comments by Edaw 0

Comment for image #96896 9-04-2018 @ 09:36:20 PM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Dekotora is a hellova drug!

Comment for image #96250 7-11-2017 @ 06:46:26 PM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Rise of the extreme sleeper.

This is going to be a thing isn't it?

Comment for image #73536 9-09-2015 @ 10:25:52 PM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Comment for image #93704 9-09-2015 @ 10:10:27 PM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
I... I have no words. I don't think there are any words for this... thing.

Comment for image #92772 3-31-2015 @ 07:02:48 AM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
We traded rear leg room for cup holders.

Let's see if anyone notices.

Comment for image #92506 2-12-2015 @ 07:26:33 AM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Is the car that big, or she that small? Looks lost in there.

Not a big fan of yellow cars, but this looks just right.

Comment for image #90726 4-29-2014 @ 03:16:04 AM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Then: retired from the Army.
Now: IT contractor in the middle of no where Pacific Ocean.

Comment for image #90608 4-04-2014 @ 02:50:23 AM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Overall it's pretty clean, but is this a thing? I guy I work with has a Cougar ('67?, '68? I forget) with a 2jz. Kept going on about how cheap the motor and trans were. His has the grille on it though.

Comment for image #90306 12-31-2013 @ 10:31:38 PM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
But they've always been square... ish.

Maybe it's because an 80s C/K is now a mid size and anything newer is largnormous, so they stick out more?

Comment for image #90277 12-24-2013 @ 02:51:48 PM
Posted By: Edaw 0  
Sorta Safe Towing, how may I help you?

Why yes, we deliver...

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