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Other info: I'm a big fan of American muscle and am a freelance car designer and 3D modeler. I've had 2 features in Popular Hot Rodding about my 5th Generation Camaro design and have designed a paint scheme for a truck debuting at SEMA '03.

Last 10 comments by KrisH

Comment for image #4617 1-24-2004 @ 05:14:22 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
Perfect camouflage...I don't see a helicopter at all...

Comment for image #20428 1-24-2004 @ 05:08:03 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
Now what car could we compare to the legendary CRYSTAL PEPSI? Probably the Edsel, unless I missed an even bigger flop. Plus some people actually liked Edsels. Check this out:

Comment for image #4267 1-20-2004 @ 10:14:51 PM
Posted By: KrisH  
I like that front end better on the 70 GTO. It's very similar and looks more at home on an A-Body. I think all of the first-generation F-Bodies looked great, but the 69 Firebird wasn't my favorite.

Comment for image #28030 1-19-2004 @ 09:30:38 PM
Posted By: KrisH  
Thanks, I did the renderings for a friend in Vegas who is building the car. The body kit was designed by a designer named John McBride, who is also very talented, so I can't take all the credit on this one.

As for the Chevelle, I need to post some pictures of what it looks like now, I just came in from the garage after tearing the 355 motor and tranny out with my dad. We took off the entire front clip yesterday. Gonna detail and paint the engine compartment, redo the suspension and brakes, and the swap out the motor.

Hehe, can you say BIG BLOCK?
Just bought a 468 from a local speed shop that I worked with on a SEMA 04 project. Can't wait to get back on the streets with that between the fenders! I aim to be putting out around 435-500 hp and 500-600tq. We'll see.

Comment for image #25554 1-14-2004 @ 01:41:37 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
I think the whole design will be driven by "market research." Here's hoping that they don't look to 3rd Gen owners for styling advice. No offense, but the 3rd Gen cars did very little for me unless they were IROC Zs.

Comment for image #29208 12-31-2003 @ 05:50:05 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
That's the kind of hood that I have on my 84. You can see it (and my Chevelle, pic #28030) though right now it's in the mAd tYt3 Carbon-Primer stage. Heh. Should be going in for paint and some customizing in a month or two. Beautiful Monte in that pic though I don't like the hood as much as the one on my car. But at least this one is painted...

Comment for image #25554 12-31-2003 @ 01:43:30 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
Thanks man. I think being in a national publication was pretty humbling. I went into it knowing that there were people out there that liked it and a fair number that didn't. The article was met with over 4-500 e-mails to PHR that were overwhelmingly positive. There are always the naysayers because it doesn't look like their IROC or it doesn't have any cues from the 4th gen. I say, you can't please everyone, though I did try. That was the reason for the green one. It was in PHR 3 months after this orange one and was aimed at critiques I had received the first time around. I will be in PHR again for another concept that I came up with. It is also based on a classic name but is not too retro at all. It has very similar body lines but is packaged as any other car in the company's future lineup. Can't say much more, but keep your eyes peeled. It'll be on Rice or Not before too long I'm sure. Thsnkd for the kind words, I really dig your car too, gotta love the ol hockey sticks down the side!

Comment for image #25554 12-30-2003 @ 07:47:52 PM
Posted By: KrisH  
GM can't "look" at these renderings from a legal standpoint, so to, I guess I don't exist. Don't really care if they build it retro or not as long as it stays true to the name and history and doesn't become another "Malibu" which does the name no justice.

Comment for image #25727 12-30-2003 @ 03:22:51 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
I saw this car at SEMA 03. Amazing in person. I drooled over it every day I was there. It was in the January issue of Popular Hot Rodding as well, check it out.

Comment for image #28030 10-29-2003 @ 05:44:47 AM
Posted By: KrisH  
Right on. I'll have to snap a picture of it in it's current form. Like I said, I've dropped the front end 2 inches and added 15in. Cragar Street Stars. You might change your mind. ;-)

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