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Last 10 comments by Mad Max

Comment for image #21069 3-31-2003 @ 06:27:35 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
the actuator pump for the intake manifold runner control valve (dual-length runners) was broken when I bought it, the transmission crapped out (100,000 miles on the car, so no real huge shock there, replaced it with a new wide-ratio 4R70W that I scored for $700,) the power antenna quit working (salvage yards are a man's best friend) and a couple other minor things that I knew about when I bought it. It sounds like a lot, I know, but I knew about most of the problems when I bought it, and with the mileage, the tranny going was not a surprise.

Comment for image #21069 3-31-2003 @ 06:24:18 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
3811. Remember, the T-bird and the Mark VIII are both MN12 cars, so they're about the same size and weight. And trust me, it does NOT feel like a 3800 pound car. It accelerates hard, and the ubercool airbag suspension really helps the handling. It's a thoroughly fun car to drive. You should at least attempt to test-drive one.

Comment for image #12987 3-31-2003 @ 06:20:07 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
that's craziness. Now, slam it until the wheels actually fit in the wheelwells, and I'll give some mild consideration to not hating it.

Comment for image #21069 3-31-2003 @ 06:18:19 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
Lemming, with that kind of cash, you could easily score a late-model LSC. I know, mod-motor, but you'll be surprised by the awesomeness of the DOHC variant.

Comment for image #12987 3-31-2003 @ 06:12:49 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
The sad thing is, this thing has had an ASSLOAD of work and money poured into it, and the craftsmanship looks to be exemplary.

And it's STILL horrible.

Comment for image #21077 3-31-2003 @ 06:07:04 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
'55 Chevy, perhaps?

Comment for image #21074 3-31-2003 @ 06:04:05 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
Nice apart from the paint.

Comment for image #21075 3-31-2003 @ 06:01:31 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
Oh, YES. Junkyard rice!!!!!

Comment for image #21068 3-31-2003 @ 05:53:47 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
Ford hasn't made a 2-door Crown Vic stock in many, many years, but there HAVE been whacked-out custom job 2-door Vics.

Comment for image #21068 3-31-2003 @ 05:50:54 PM
Posted By: Mad Max  
Right-click on the picture, click "Properties," follow the URL on that.

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