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Last 10 comments by PA Rice Trooper

Comment for image #11255 9-18-2002 @ 04:10:54 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
I think the whole article was a typo... he meant to say it's a rice-car, not a race-car. Mistakes happen.

Comment for image #11262 9-18-2002 @ 04:08:20 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
From left to right...
The C1 is a 1953, the only one that looks like that

The C2 is a 1963 Vert.. mmmmm... nice up to 360hp stock in that baby

The C3 is an 82 Collector's Edition, the fade decals are no longer produced, so most guys just paint them on :)

The C4 is a 1992 with a 300hp LT1...

The C5 is a 1997 with 345hp, 0-60 in 4.70 sec ... not too shabby..

I prefer my 81' which was just dyno'd at 425rwhp :) But I'd gladly take any of these to add to my collection.

Comment for image #8632 9-12-2002 @ 02:34:53 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
You should get him a gremlin and give me the Chevelle.

Comment for image #10885 9-12-2002 @ 02:33:34 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
I can't believe they would actually give trophies for that crapbox.

Comment for image #10883 9-12-2002 @ 02:32:25 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
my question is, why is one car blurry the other clear, they should both be blurry... photochop?

Comment for image #10313 9-12-2002 @ 02:31:18 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
It's a Chevy Clunky Tin Can Sprint Shitbox Ricer GT

Comment for image #5888 9-12-2002 @ 02:29:30 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
The wheels may be functional...

Comment for image #9092 9-12-2002 @ 02:28:27 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
It's gay.. I rather look at the real body all bondo'd

Comment for image #10887 9-12-2002 @ 02:26:38 AM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
Mr. Bill Rules... he drives a vette.

Comment for image #5416 9-09-2002 @ 11:11:39 PM
Posted By: PA Rice Trooper  
put a light on the top and a logo on the side and it's a Taxi. *puke*

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