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Last 10 comments by Rik McCloud

Comment for image #94664 4-16-2016 @ 12:05:54 PM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
Got the car around Christmas 2013 and since then have been to and driven on Santa Pod dragstrip, Rockingham and Silverstone race circuits and even made the trip to Motorsport Mecca, the Nürburgring.

However it has not been without issues. Biggest of which were the wastegate failing in the turbo (no repair parts were available) so needed to get a new turbo, coil pack failing and it needing a SECOND timing chain due to the tensioner snapping (first was due to a recall). This is not even half of what has been replaced.

Car will be 9 years old this year and has just clicked over 90k miles.

Comment for image #94659 4-16-2016 @ 11:59:16 AM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
I really like these. Pity Pontiac went the way of Oldsmobile, SAAB and so many others.

Comment for image #94660 4-16-2016 @ 11:58:12 AM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
I could make a Craigslist joke about it being a California car with no road salt damage but...

Comment for image #85731 9-30-2011 @ 04:24:25 PM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
Could be worse. Could be brace face 107.

Comment for image #85344 8-30-2011 @ 04:20:26 AM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
At least you can see out the back of the E30

Comment for image #85247 8-17-2011 @ 04:32:01 PM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
Oh sure. It was a mash of parts of the original and a spy thriller but I still found it an entertaining way to pass two hours and would rather give my ticket money to Pixar than to the hacks who made the fifth Final Destination.

Comment for image #85247 8-17-2011 @ 04:17:39 PM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
I enjoyed it. I was constantly scanning the screen, looking for little details and I got the impression that Pixar made the film they wanted to make and not what Disney asked them to.

Comment for image #84225 8-17-2011 @ 02:53:05 PM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
I vant to suck your gas!

Comment for image #84123 3-02-2011 @ 10:39:39 AM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
It's alright but it was dated before it was even released. If you'd shown that car in 1995 when curves were all the rage then it might have stood a chance.

Comment for image #84130 3-02-2011 @ 10:35:15 AM
Posted By: Rik McCloud  
Top Gear US seem to be stealing Top Gear UK's ideas :P

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