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Other info: Hey I'm 19 and I've always been fascinated with cars. I tell it how it is.

Last 10 comments by Special K

Comment for image #31303 3-20-2004 @ 03:44:49 AM
Posted By: Special K  
20, 21 August 17

Comment for image #30151 2-08-2004 @ 12:45:59 AM
Posted By: Special K  
It wouldnt happen to be the anime classic ghost in the shell would it?
One of my faves.

Comment for image #28806 12-04-2003 @ 02:43:18 AM
Posted By: Special K  

Comment for image #27521 10-03-2003 @ 04:47:11 PM
Posted By: Special K  
not this piece of crap again ;)

Comment for image #27177 9-17-2003 @ 02:26:54 AM
Posted By: Special K  

Comment for image #26591 8-22-2003 @ 02:36:54 AM
Posted By: Special K  
hehehehe very cool

Comment for image #25678 7-25-2003 @ 01:45:42 PM
Posted By: Special K  
looks pretty stock to me, and BMW's actually have some balls
You ever think it could be a performance package from BWM? I dont think this is rice at all.

Comment for image #20160 7-21-2003 @ 04:44:25 AM
Posted By: Special K  
well, ticket 43, 45, 46 are the ones I found in the first 5 mins, should I continue? These all seemed fairly stock and pretty clean, just tint and wheels mostly. These were all ticketed and convicted of being rice.

Comment for image #25257 7-17-2003 @ 03:41:31 AM
Posted By: Special K  
why would you want to pretend to be american? thats an insult to Canada.

Comment for image #25257 7-16-2003 @ 03:16:47 AM
Posted By: Special K  
Hey guess what, I dont give a crap about how much you know or what you think about me. And trying to dazzle me with your "vast" knowledge of canadian politics and canadian beer, when everyone should know that anyway, is kind of sad.

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