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Last 10 comments by anti honda

Comment for image #86192 11-29-2011 @ 08:31:29 PM
Posted By: anti honda  
oh, I was hoping it explain the body condition

Comment for image #86192 11-29-2011 @ 08:22:01 PM
Posted By: anti honda  

Comment for image #86192 11-29-2011 @ 08:21:54 PM
Posted By: anti honda  

Comment for image #84724 5-27-2011 @ 07:50:55 AM
Posted By: anti honda  
I had the under standing that Alberta cars didn't rust. What happend to this one ?

Comment for image #84180 3-02-2011 @ 08:27:37 PM
Posted By: anti honda  
It's a challenger

Comment for image #84110 2-02-2011 @ 06:01:43 PM
Posted By: anti honda  

Comment for image #83835 12-13-2010 @ 03:11:22 PM
Posted By: anti honda  
I kind of like that the owner didn't use rally wheels

Comment for image #83795 12-10-2010 @ 02:51:59 PM
Posted By: anti honda  
Are those wheels available on the v8 or just the base 6. If not why not

Comment for image #83755 12-05-2010 @ 05:31:13 PM
Posted By: anti honda  
yes. from Italy

Comment for image #83691 11-26-2010 @ 06:44:19 PM
Posted By: anti honda  
I still think the 73-87 where the last nice trucks GM made. I just don't like the styles after

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