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Last 10 comments by sonofdolomite

Comment for image #32869 5-21-2004 @ 04:23:22 PM
Posted By: sonofdolomite  
Heh, im all ways checking out the site when im at work, but for some reason they had me restricted so that it wouldnt let me log in to leave some comments, but its now fixed, so maybe ill post a little more than one every year and a half.

Comment for image #32869 5-21-2004 @ 03:11:00 PM
Posted By: sonofdolomite

Comment for image #11288 9-19-2002 @ 08:36:40 AM
Posted By: sonofdolomite  
The reason for the steering wheel is so they can still ride the bike even if they are handcuffed, same reason why they have the chain steering wheel in their ghetto lowriders.

Comment for image #9991 8-26-2002 @ 08:56:16 AM
Posted By: sonofdolomite  
never heard of Dolomite? its a cheap 70's pimp movie... plus there was a skit on Mad TV called Son of Dolomite

Comment for image #9991 8-26-2002 @ 08:52:07 AM
Posted By: sonofdolomite  
I would almost think a air deflector... ive noticed alot of the cars on that website have them...

Comment for image #9991 8-26-2002 @ 08:46:47 AM
Posted By: sonofdolomite  
well alrighty then...

Comment for image #9991 8-26-2002 @ 08:46:26 AM
Posted By: sonofdolomite  
Here is the web site if you want more pics->

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