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Last 10 comments by 350z

Comment for image #22935 8-31-2005 @ 01:36:14 PM
Posted By: 350z  
The car is sitting in a junk yard now. The owner took it out when it was raining and sucked a bunch of water up through the CAI, needless to say the engine went boom.

Comment for image #36215 10-18-2004 @ 07:47:44 PM
Posted By: 350z  
Bet a white person owns this.

Comment for image #36154 10-15-2004 @ 05:00:44 PM
Posted By: 350z  
The white viper is a White Mamba srt-10

Comment for image #36138 10-14-2004 @ 05:53:27 PM
Posted By: 350z  
sideskirts are stock

Comment for image #22935 7-27-2004 @ 04:31:37 PM
Posted By: 350z  
The guages are flush across the entire dash.

Comment for image #34041 7-18-2004 @ 01:12:25 AM
Posted By: 350z  
You still need a key to start the car.

Comment for image #22935 7-18-2004 @ 01:10:09 AM
Posted By: 350z  
Update on the car. It lost its chicken wire, spoiler, painted interior, neons, and shitty body kit (the one in this picture). Also the car currently resides in North Carolina.

Comment for image #22935 7-18-2004 @ 01:07:36 AM
Posted By: 350z  
Oh shit... its back.

Comment for image #33456 6-16-2004 @ 03:35:39 AM
Posted By: 350z  
* 3.05L (92mm bore) Balanced and Blueprinted
* Ross Forged 92mm Pistons
* Pauter X-Beam Rods
* GT-368SX Turbos
* 3SX Turbo Oil Line Kit
* ARCII-GP MAF/Fuel Controller
* Blitz DSBC-ID Boost Controller
* 3SX Ported and Polished Heads-Intake-Plenum
* 1mm Oversized Ferrea Valves & Springs
* Crower Hard-weld Race Cams
* Fizanza Adjustable Aluminum Cam Gears
* 3SX Custom Fuel Rails w/Aeroquip SS Lines
* PTE 780cc Injectors
* Denso Supra Fuel Pump
* Paxton Fuel Pressure Regulator
* Apexi S-AFC Air/Fuel Controller
* 3SX Custom Turbo Oil Line Kit
* HKS TwinPower Ignition Amplifier
* NGK Plug Wires
* "Green" Monster Intake Filter
* DN Performance FMIC kit
* 3SX/SPEC Stage 3 Race Clutch
* Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
* 3SX Urethane Motor Mounts
* Oversize Aluminum Radiator
* Hawker Genesis Sealed Battery (trunk mount)
* 3SX Custom Dual Pass Radiator w/ Flexalite Fans

Comment for image #8626 6-05-2004 @ 04:30:41 PM
Posted By: 350z  
This car can no longer be called a Viper.

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