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Car you drive: 1986 Jeep Comanche
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Last 10 comments by 426plymouth

Comment for image #28872 12-09-2003 @ 11:21:18 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
I stated my opinion, I shall leave it at that :-p

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:39:06 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
I am off, but all of you that have seen me do this sort of thing before know all to well, I will be back. :-p

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:38:03 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
And how so?

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:35:14 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
No, I got some film developed today and decided to post some of them. About the only reason I logged in. Otherwise I just cruise around voting...

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:32:37 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
Merry Christmas :-p

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:31:13 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
Actually Ive been just wandering around not logged in alot. Been spending most my time over in the forums though.

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:29:37 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
No ones ever continued really conversing with me after I disagreed with them the first time now have they?

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:26:46 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
lol, I dont think we have enough people logged in to keep 3 going at once :-p

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:26:03 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
Ill disagree with you the same as anyone else.
Your status, whatever it may or may not be, does not affect my decision.

Comment for image #28872 12-08-2003 @ 08:24:02 PM
Posted By: 426plymouth  
Yup, in all its mighty 4 banger glory! [/sarcasm]

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