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Last 10 comments by 454Nova

Comment for image #77722 9-22-2010 @ 08:26:21 AM
Posted By: 454Nova  
I like the Duesenberg style paint work.

Comment for image #83072 9-21-2010 @ 08:54:26 AM
Posted By: 454Nova


Comment for image #82820 8-31-2010 @ 08:13:57 AM
Posted By: 454Nova  
the wheels and exhaust suggest it may be on a late model civic chassis

Comment for image #82716 8-24-2010 @ 10:54:38 AM
Posted By: 454Nova  
that boat's gonna look awesome 'donked'

Comment for image #82712 8-23-2010 @ 08:08:24 AM
Posted By: 454Nova  
Compare this to a new lincoln towncar... it has the "luxury" you describe and the shitty handling to go along with it.

Oh.. and it's styling hasn't changed significantly in at least 15 years... so it's not anonymous at all.

Comment for image #82687 8-21-2010 @ 02:18:16 PM
Posted By: 454Nova  
reminds me of this..

Comment for image #82682 8-20-2010 @ 05:08:36 PM
Posted By: 454Nova  
curious... the ratchet strap from handle to handle doesn't suggest to me that it's welded! odd.

Comment for image #82682 8-20-2010 @ 04:27:06 PM
Posted By: 454Nova  
why is the rear door seam visible in the front view, but not the back?

Comment for image #82633 8-15-2010 @ 04:51:16 PM
Posted By: 454Nova  
wow. that's bad!

Comment for image #28642 8-15-2010 @ 11:51:23 AM
Posted By: 454Nova  
this is how most people get around the Nova's tiny wheel wells. They ALL need mini-tubs to fit a decent sized tire on the rear.

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