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Car you drive: 1969 GMC C1500 454, 1970 Chrysler Newport UAV edition, 1991 Chevy Cavalier RS 3.1
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Other info: I like anything that's put together properly and in good taste. I like anything
that's fast, just don't try and feed me some bs like your Civic's got 500
horsepower and can beat a Viper! I prefer muscle cars but I can have just as
much respect for a Supra or an Integra. Just don't try and compare them
Apples and oranges! Muscle cars and high tech imports are totally different.
Don't call a '69 Charger a pos because it doesn't handle and I won't call your
Supra twin turbo a pos because it can't keep up with the Charger on a
straight road.

Last 10 comments by 500plus

Comment for image #4557 9-04-2002 @ 02:03:05 AM
Posted By: 500plus  
It's always a good idea to have a cheese grater on your hood.

Comment for image #7853 9-02-2002 @ 11:59:02 AM
Posted By: 500plus  
A friend of mine beat a ricer once with his 1976 Buick LeSabre 455 while towing a trailer. I tweaked the carb a little and we upgraded the exhaust system and changed the rear end gears to a 3.41 ratio.
The 455 was stock. Now that's torque.

Comment for image #9439 8-25-2002 @ 11:43:52 AM
Posted By: 500plus  
This one looks very good. Attention ricers:
Please nore, NO huge and usless wing.
NO stickers.
NO blue turn signals, or any of the other cheap pieces of crap you stick on to your cars.

Comment for image #4773 8-25-2002 @ 11:41:27 AM
Posted By: 500plus  
The only people a tasteless pos like this could possibly appeal too would be some immature 14 year olds. Fortunatley, not all 14 year olds have bad taste like these do.
You could outrun this pos with a loaded 3 ton truck because it can clear things like pebbles, ect.
I shake my head.

Comment for image #2178 8-10-2002 @ 08:31:55 PM
Posted By: 500plus  
And this one has the special "Rust accelerator" package. Those stupid looking peices of stanless steel above the wheel openings. Besides looking really DUMB they trap dirt and moisture underneath and the fenders rust like crazy. Another tasteless fad that scews up a car.

Comment for image #8942 8-05-2002 @ 11:32:01 PM
Posted By: 500plus  
I go there all the time. It's an interesting place. Making fun of the rice "outside" is fun. You can put real Ricecop tickets on their windshields, stuff spay foam insulation up thier fart cans and everything. You should try it sometime!

Comment for image #8942 8-05-2002 @ 11:26:13 PM
Posted By: 500plus  
Yes there is, BUT it is polluted with rice. shame....

Comment for image #4532 8-05-2002 @ 11:21:40 PM
Posted By: 500plus  
60's rice.

Comment for image #7464 8-05-2002 @ 11:08:02 PM
Posted By: 500plus  
He lists "Scooby Doo" accesories in his list of mods. This shows the typical maturity level of the average ricer. The paramedics are really gonna shake thier heads when they have to scrape the Scooby Doo visor organizer from his forehead after he rearends a garbage truck at 80 mph "street racing" his other idiot ricer friends.
Nice bowling trophies.

Comment for image #7463 8-03-2002 @ 03:04:03 AM
Posted By: 500plus  
Sweet car. A friend of mine spent years restoring one of these. It was a bright red '67 SS with a 396 4 speed, 4.11 posi. Defenitely worth restoring.

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