Username: 89ZCHATCH
Ricecop Account Number: 5109
Joined On: Apr 29, 2004
Status: Regular User
Real Name: Nick
Location: Portland
Car you drive: 1989 Honda Civic Si
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Comments Posted: 22
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Other info: Yeah this is my car i try not to make it to ricey. but i guess since its a honda
its rice... mabey *UPDATE* car had a VTEC YO

Last 10 comments by 89ZCHATCH

Comment for image #35738 1-25-2005 @ 03:44:03 AM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
UPDATE ON IT Effed the zc... So i went with the Z6 VTEC. Its alot nicer than that other motor great car for a daily driver/speeder hehe

Comment for image #21553 10-14-2004 @ 01:40:02 AM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
yeah too bad not many here, i would give a nut for a car like that.... mabye

Comment for image #36120 10-14-2004 @ 01:37:36 AM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
id tap that ass too :P

Comment for image #35944 10-08-2004 @ 01:51:23 AM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
Looka like a leaf blower with some spray paint and stickers :P

Comment for image #10839 9-28-2004 @ 01:46:35 PM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
thats great he always has to know when to shift fron Neutral to drive

Comment for image #27814 9-28-2004 @ 01:45:06 PM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
Poor Hatch they effed it up!

Comment for image #22691 9-28-2004 @ 01:43:24 PM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
Looks like he couldent afford his front spot lights

Comment for image #35737 9-28-2004 @ 11:52:52 AM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
I hate neons... that just makes me hate them even more there so damn ugly!

Comment for image #35749 9-28-2004 @ 11:51:12 AM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
Thats awesome!

Comment for image #24008 9-27-2004 @ 11:00:13 PM
Posted By: 89ZCHATCH  
what have they done to the civic next to it!!!!! that wiper is gay

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