Username: 91TSI
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Joined On: Sep 29, 2003
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Real Name: Dan
Location: York, Pa
Car you drive: 91 Talon TSI AWD, 95 Honda Civic
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Other info: My talon ran a 13.3 @ 109. Best so far.

Last 10 comments by 91TSI

Comment for image #53252 6-12-2006 @ 05:45:01 PM
Posted By: 91TSI  
My favorite Christmas movie... EVER!!!! This movie is great.

Comment for image #52156 6-04-2006 @ 03:44:40 AM
Posted By: 91TSI  
I know you've more than likely finished the job by now but anyway... You shouldn't tug on them. Get a prybar behind the shaft where it meets the tranny.... And pop. I know you said that you didn't have the right tools but you still should have atleast a flathead screw driver laying around. It's not the proper tool but still better than tugging.

Comment for image #52156 5-01-2006 @ 01:41:04 AM
Posted By: 91TSI  
I don't think they are that big of a job.

Comment for image #51592 4-14-2006 @ 06:22:19 PM
Posted By: 91TSI  
... wow

Comment for image #51571 4-14-2006 @ 01:58:21 AM
Posted By: 91TSI  
Power dumps that you should have a flack jacket on??

Comment for image #51421 4-10-2006 @ 04:14:55 AM
Posted By: 91TSI  
I hate those rims but other than that... it's ok.

Comment for image #38977 4-03-2006 @ 03:40:21 AM
Posted By: 91TSI  

Comment for image #38977 4-02-2006 @ 11:55:23 PM
Posted By: 91TSI  
DUH!!!! I like tator tots!

Comment for image #50090 2-26-2006 @ 03:37:48 AM
Posted By: 91TSI  
Correct. The GSX had the 17's.

Comment for image #50000 2-23-2006 @ 06:32:11 PM
Posted By: 91TSI  
:) I love this site. I don't post much but I'm on everyday.

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