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Last 10 comments by AEFL86

Comment for image #21430 4-16-2003 @ 04:05:58 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
Don't knock the gorgeous S13 Silvia...LHD w/ Clip or JDM RHD!

Comment for image #20779 4-16-2003 @ 03:58:04 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
Follow us to Winn-Dixie for Beer!

Comment for image #20630 4-16-2003 @ 03:56:27 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
Follow us to KFC!

Comment for image #17669 1-21-2003 @ 08:30:40 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
outside pics comming soon, sorry for the crappy was obviously over i put it elsewhere...reliable pics comming soon...Thanks for the input guys.

Comment for image #17669 1-21-2003 @ 08:15:17 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
is the amp setup OK?

Comment for image #17508 1-17-2003 @ 04:54:24 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
It would appear to be real

Comment for image #17508 1-17-2003 @ 04:50:04 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
LOL...That's a good one

Comment for image #17328 1-13-2003 @ 01:17:32 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
Excellent Job Skid!

Comment for image #17328 1-13-2003 @ 01:16:55 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
That Mazda is an old MX6

Comment for image #17328 1-13-2003 @ 01:14:40 PM
Posted By: AEFL86  
That "Corolla" looks like a Celica to me

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