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Last 10 comments by Adambomb

Comment for image #52679 3-20-2021 @ 08:15:17 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Looks like King Kong sat on it

Comment for image #45822 3-19-2021 @ 11:02:50 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Lousy Smarch weather

Comment for image #94217 3-08-2021 @ 10:12:32 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  

Comment for image #90196 2-25-2021 @ 06:30:17 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
yes, please

Comment for image #97507 1-17-2021 @ 05:23:33 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  

Comment for image #95233 1-12-2021 @ 03:17:03 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
that wide grille divider has always bothered me

Comment for image #15477 12-16-2020 @ 12:07:41 AM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Like in those worst car lists where the Edsel is always called the Ford Edsel.

Comment for image #97488 12-10-2020 @ 02:41:45 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
The license plate seems to say 74Grem

Comment for image #74799 11-07-2020 @ 02:25:27 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
All we know is he's called the Stig

Comment for image #97435 10-13-2020 @ 04:35:59 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
The last one I saw was also owned by someone that worked in a gas station near my grandma's-that was back in 2003 or so. I also have a red matchbox version.

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