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Last 10 comments by Adambomb

Comment for image #95416 12-03-2017 @ 06:19:07 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Seems to be some sort of vortex.

Comment for image #57399 11-18-2017 @ 01:33:50 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I remeber those chip foose ones a few years back, they sat on the shelf at work forever.

Comment for image #57399 11-15-2017 @ 02:17:05 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Would make a nice m2 diecast seeing as they have a first gen econoline.

Comment for image #96524 11-05-2017 @ 11:24:32 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
there's one I've been seeing around here painted in a flat beigeish color with a 97-01 Cherokee front end and a lift.

Comment for image #96502 10-22-2017 @ 06:13:08 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I think I need a tetanus shot just from looking at this.

Comment for image #96429 10-20-2017 @ 11:21:05 PM
Posted By: Adambomb

Comment for image #92199 10-15-2017 @ 11:10:33 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I believe they all have it, I recall reading about it in an old consumer reports test drive.

Comment for image #96433 10-15-2017 @ 08:57:56 PM
Posted By: Adambomb

Comment for image #96481 10-08-2017 @ 11:54:04 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Does it also involve hubcaps falling off, screeching sounds dubbed in and perhaps a car swerving and hitting a fruit cart while the owner runs away?

Comment for image #96431 9-14-2017 @ 08:48:50 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
This is what it used to look like

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