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Last 10 comments by Adambomb

Comment for image #96883 7-16-2018 @ 03:21:51 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I don't get this rainbow headlight trend thing.

Comment for image #82020 7-15-2018 @ 09:05:22 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Good thing it's rare.

Comment for image #92468 7-09-2018 @ 04:18:38 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I used to see one at work, haven't seen it for a few years. Don't think I've seen one since then.

Comment for image #95866 7-04-2018 @ 07:04:13 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I think I need a tetanus shot just from looking at this.

Comment for image #89285 7-04-2018 @ 04:32:32 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
The fuck?

Comment for image #96858 7-03-2018 @ 06:11:11 PM
Posted By: Adambomb

Comment for image #96828 7-01-2018 @ 08:33:51 PM
Posted By: Adambomb

Comment for image #60758 6-27-2018 @ 09:36:08 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
This seems to be the closest thing there is.
Another thing I'd like to find is a non-nascar diecast or model of a 73-77 chevelle/Malibu or el camino.

Comment for image #96770 6-17-2018 @ 08:17:57 PM
Posted By: Adambomb

Comment for image #86693 6-17-2018 @ 12:05:17 AM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Jimmy rustler?

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