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Last 10 comments by Adambomb

Comment for image #97435 10-13-2020 @ 04:35:59 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
The last one I saw was also owned by someone that worked in a gas station near my grandma's-that was back in 2003 or so. I also have a red matchbox version.

Comment for image #59738 10-12-2020 @ 09:23:13 AM
Posted By: Adambomb  
It's the same color as the one I used to see at the assisted living facility my mom used to work at 20 years ago, only one I ever recall seeing in person.

Comment for image #97404 10-02-2020 @ 11:35:33 AM
Posted By: Adambomb  
I'm reminded of this

Comment for image #92012 10-01-2020 @ 05:45:52 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
The other day I bought one of these
but in this color

Comment for image #93279 9-29-2020 @ 04:30:09 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Wonder why they gave it such an extensive restyle with a new one coming for 66?

Comment for image #97387 9-28-2020 @ 04:33:34 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
they've all been driven into the ground by riceboys.

Comment for image #97290 8-28-2020 @ 04:08:48 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
looks good

Comment for image #97351 8-23-2020 @ 04:35:00 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Reminds me of the model my brother built when I was little, he put one of those little motors in it so it was like a pull back toy.

Comment for image #4881 8-19-2020 @ 01:06:45 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
Looks just like the one I used to see around here several years ago.

Comment for image #48937 8-16-2020 @ 12:48:03 PM
Posted By: Adambomb  
That's a 70.

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