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Last 10 comments by Altima35se2003

Comment for image #77498 1-08-2009 @ 03:02:29 AM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
The ultimate ambientflyer mobile. This car is fucking rocking hard. I'd drive it....with a stalin moustache on. One of my favorite cars here.

Comment for image #77404 12-24-2008 @ 10:27:47 PM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
except the headlights the is basically toyota waiting to sue

Comment for image #77371 12-20-2008 @ 04:01:25 PM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
and another fox stang 5.0 auto

Comment for image #77376 12-20-2008 @ 03:52:05 AM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
The Tyson castle is a-dyin'

Comment for image #77346 12-17-2008 @ 05:23:29 PM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
these armleaders sure are gunna sell like gangbusters!

Comment for image #77322 12-12-2008 @ 07:22:13 AM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
aqua is corsa

Comment for image #77296 12-07-2008 @ 08:26:55 AM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  

Comment for image #77292 12-07-2008 @ 08:23:05 AM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  

Comment for image #77292 12-07-2008 @ 02:00:18 AM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
so not the 2006 2002 tii?

dont get all butthurt, it's a real car.

Comment for image #58852 12-04-2008 @ 10:05:02 PM
Posted By: Altima35se2003  
the jizz mark

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