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Car you drive: 99 daewoo lanos, 01 kia rio and bf's 91 prizm
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Last 10 comments by BackgroundSoarer

Comment for image #42303 7-23-2005 @ 03:20:32 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  

watch the vid

btw i'm on this name for exactly one comment, as some cock *ahem* muzzled me for forgetting a nsfw tag on a freepost pic


Comment for image #33157 6-11-2005 @ 03:29:32 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
wow, that thing is ugly...the truck too

Comment for image #40871 6-11-2005 @ 03:27:06 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
oh a lada...i see

Comment for image #3044 6-11-2005 @ 03:26:18 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
what??!! your reply makes no sense!

Comment for image #3044 6-11-2005 @ 03:24:11 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
yeah but it's never too late to fight for human rights

Comment for image #41223 6-11-2005 @ 03:14:59 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
the watch tower is camouflaged, but what about the planes and the vehicles and the people?

Comment for image #3044 6-11-2005 @ 03:03:41 AM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
Dealer sells men? OH NO!!! i was hoping that slavery had been abolished forever, but I guess we will have to once again fight the battle for the basic human rights! thank you jesuz for bringing this to our attention, you are a true friend of the people

Comment for image #15843 6-09-2005 @ 02:20:01 PM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
well that body makes the civic look better, but the wing sure doesnt

Comment for image #24297 6-09-2005 @ 02:18:13 PM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  

Comment for image #41168 6-09-2005 @ 02:17:01 PM
Posted By: BackgroundSoarer  
no bed cover? if this guy can stick a bb with a big custom intake under a 1-inch taller hood, in a dropped truck, i don't see why everyone else needs a huge cowl induction hood

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