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Other info: "practice safe sex, do it in a volvo"

Last 10 comments by Biohazard

Comment for image #34879 6-02-2007 @ 04:00:12 AM
Posted By: Biohazard  
omg... that seriously looks EXACTLY like the one I used to go to when I was a teenager. Right down to that track and the drag strip in the back. Unless you actually took this picture, I think this might actually be the one I used to go to... Damn... this brings back memories.

The place gave away track time to people who won races. I almost never paid for track time.

Comment for image #64014 6-02-2007 @ 03:49:41 AM
Posted By: Biohazard  
Much better:

Comment for image #64014 6-02-2007 @ 03:37:35 AM
Posted By: Biohazard  
Yeah, the wheels really are killing that paint. I think these wheels would look a lot better: 52233

Comment for image #52233 6-02-2007 @ 03:36:34 AM
Posted By: Biohazard  
At first glance I thought this was one of Lemming's photoshops. I guess its kinda the flat look of the color.

So damn sick.

Comment for image #64011 6-02-2007 @ 03:08:59 AM
Posted By: Biohazard  
Good God that is one sexy car...

Comment for image #64014 6-02-2007 @ 03:08:26 AM
Posted By: Biohazard  
I'm not quite sure what it is that I don't like about it, but there is something. Kinda looks almost hockey puck-ish....

Comment for image #63992 6-01-2007 @ 04:03:20 PM
Posted By: Biohazard  


Comment for image #63990 6-01-2007 @ 03:40:11 PM
Posted By: Biohazard  
Seriously, women should just not be able to get driver's licenses. :-P

Looks like they really need that handicap spot more than the person that is in it though...

Comment for image #63985 6-01-2007 @ 03:38:59 PM
Posted By: Biohazard  
Seriously tempting. I tried sitting in it and I literally could not get my foot off the clutch...

Comment for image #63985 6-01-2007 @ 03:29:09 PM
Posted By: Biohazard  
I would have if I could fit in it :'(

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