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Last 10 comments by Bling24

Comment for image #89152 5-20-2022 @ 12:48:55 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
funny cuz I saw a singer(frame off, every nut and bolt "bespoke" etc.) type build on a red 71 Caprice 'vert on IG that they're selling for 250k with reconditioned stock hubcaps

Comment for image #59836 5-18-2022 @ 01:08:23 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
This picture makes me moist

Comment for image #62194 5-14-2022 @ 08:11:19 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
Anddd it'd be incorrectly called a donk now.

Comment for image #51176 5-07-2022 @ 11:55:40 AM
Posted By: Bling24  

Comment for image #61041 4-23-2022 @ 05:09:46 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
LOL @ these being "very large"

Comment for image #61041 4-21-2022 @ 03:29:41 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
Nothing wrong with that

Comment for image #23712 4-20-2022 @ 03:45:09 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
this has probably been in storage somewhere for 15+ years

Comment for image #58749 4-12-2022 @ 03:10:52 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
considering what the LX/LC cars became synonymous with this picture was prophetic

Comment for image #51507 4-11-2022 @ 08:35:22 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
Nothing wrong with that

Comment for image #53836 4-10-2022 @ 04:23:35 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
As I often ask on here, what happened to this car? Funny how these 2000s era extreme customs of sought after sports and tuner cars always disappear

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