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Last 10 comments by Bling24

Comment for image #85305 8-28-2011 @ 04:03:38 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
The worst part is that it looks like quality work so someone paid a LOT for this to look like shit.

Comment for image #85341 8-28-2011 @ 04:00:40 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
Whats wrong with having some trunk funk?

Comment for image #85216 8-17-2011 @ 04:06:17 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
They were given to them by MB, in and around tuscaloosa(my school town) MB police vehicles(Vance, Sheriff, Tuscaloosa) aren't an uncommon sight, though you rarely see them on patrol.

Comment for image #85111 8-08-2011 @ 05:24:01 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
LOL @ those being big

Comment for image #85134 8-08-2011 @ 05:16:29 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
Looks a bit like a GT-R like this o_O. Other than that, I like.

Comment for image #84728 6-05-2011 @ 01:29:15 PM
Posted By: Bling24  
There are PLENTY around the world being used for that. Besides, I can think of many supercars & sportscars with tons of racing development that likely will never get used that environment much less even driven hard. OMGITSNOTBEINGUSEDFORITSINTENDEDPURPOSEWAHHHHHHH
Deal with it.

Comment for image #84415 4-13-2011 @ 09:24:08 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
I like it *shrugs*

I think one of the only few exotics I'd leave stock is a late model 993 turbo. God I love those cars.

Comment for image #72108 4-13-2011 @ 09:17:47 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
In the past, about the 50s-60s the portholes on your buick showed how expensive it was. The more the better..... At least thats what I've been told by my father/relatives that grew up around that time.

Comment for image #84377 4-11-2011 @ 07:03:40 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
Skirted 90s caprices are a fail, thats why.

Comment for image #84018 1-26-2011 @ 05:10:11 AM
Posted By: Bling24  
I love this track in pretty much any and every config.

my PSN name is lo_keeh

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