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Last 10 comments by BoazMacPhereson

Comment for image #65310 7-21-2007 @ 10:46:03 AM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
Wayne lusted for a Strat. Not a Tele.

Comment for image #65332 7-21-2007 @ 10:39:09 AM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
This fucker took my idea, although I wanted to do a '67.

Comment for image #65245 7-18-2007 @ 07:08:21 PM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
Three words for you:


Comment for image #65213 7-18-2007 @ 06:55:15 PM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
Hot damn! It's always pissed me off that they took the sexy SC and turned it into a big ugly pig.

Comment for image #65265 7-18-2007 @ 06:51:00 PM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
"Hey nice color assface!"
-600hp smokescreen-

Comment for image #58570 12-15-2006 @ 01:51:35 PM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
This whole picture is a photoshop. The middle car is actually a McLaren. Look at the shadow.

Comment for image #58525 12-13-2006 @ 06:20:49 PM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
A guy that works with my dad has an olive green Travelall and a white Scout II. He lives in IL as I do and he drove his Scout to Alaska a few years back. That thing is a fucking monster. He also used it to pull out a bunch of bushes when we remodeled and it also managed to pull out his little bulldozer when he got it stuck. That helped solidify my opinion that Scouts are indestructable.

Comment for image #58453 12-13-2006 @ 10:07:53 AM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
Yeah, I saw this video and was all "Poor Asimo doesn't know what the fuck." Then I see that video where he runs. At one point in his stride, both feet are off the ground. That scares the shit out of me.

Comment for image #58448 12-12-2006 @ 12:30:07 AM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
Another fine drawing, but the 'stang looks kind of...bent.

Comment for image #58414 12-11-2006 @ 07:38:14 PM
Posted By: BoazMacPhereson  
Haha, yes.

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