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Other info: -1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Turbo. (turbocharged Non-turbo). Sold. (the
second owner then totalled it... RIP)

-1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Way too many mods to list here. Best time is
12.5 at 113mph on a broken transmission and leaking 13-year-old

-1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. Sold.

-1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Parts car. Parted.

-1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. Sold.

-1998 Nissan 240sx. Sold.

-2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Sold.

-1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. Sold.

-1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T Spyder. Sold.

-2005 Scion tC. Current daily driver.

Last 10 comments by Boost420a

Comment for image #33353 5-03-2005 @ 10:20:11 PM
Posted By: Boost420a  
Here is a new link with a much more reliable host:

I would edit it myself if I could.

Comment for image #33353 3-12-2005 @ 04:00:07 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
Wow this guy ended up doing quite well. I haven't been here in probably over a year. Way to go Viper!

Comment for image #33353 8-28-2004 @ 02:59:23 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
Strange, I thought this car would have at least made top 10.

Comment for image #33347 6-11-2004 @ 09:25:45 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
at least it isn't turbo.

Comment for image #4447 2-16-2004 @ 01:06:11 PM
Posted By: Boost420a  
I was at EIP Tuning a few years ago looking to get an intercooler made and there was a brand new Echo with about 20 miles on the odometer getting a turbo kit fabbed.

waste of time and money in my opinion. At least the guy wanted to add power before crap.

Comment for image #30344 2-16-2004 @ 01:01:18 PM
Posted By: Boost420a  
I'll take the pop-ups :)

Comment for image #14343 1-23-2004 @ 12:55:33 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
Nope, it is a Forced Performance Green turbo. Sort of a hybrid between a 20G and a Garret. It can support about 500hp and is extremely streetable. (full boost (20psi) at around 3700rpm). Check out FP at

Comment for image #21386 1-23-2004 @ 12:46:37 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
There is a car exactly like this in my neighborhood. The guy lets his 16 year old son take it out whenever he wants. A real shame, especially since the kid has absolutely no appreciation for it. (and I am sure beats the hell out of it too). I am waiting to see it come back wrecked. Fortunately that hasn't happened yet.

Comment for image #29736 1-23-2004 @ 12:35:45 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
It is a 1999 Eclipse GSX with a lot of nice power mods. He was hit by a Mack dump truck if I remember correctly, and had the entire rear rebuilt. The car never had a body kit and still has the factory bumpers even after the rebuild. The hood vents are to help get air to the air filter, which is why it is directly over the passenger side of the hood. (Where the intake is on the 4G63 powered DSMs).

He is a well known member at

Comment for image #29734 1-23-2004 @ 12:31:55 AM
Posted By: Boost420a  
If they put half as much money into the performance as they put into the body of those 3 cars, they will pack one hell of a punch though.

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