Username: Cash
Ricecop Account Number: 1303
Joined On: Apr 30, 2002
Status: Banned
Real Name: Ant
Location: Harrisburg
Car you drive: toyota
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Last 10 comments by Cash

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 08:15:22 PM
Posted By: Cash  
haha how am im susposed to be tore down by fucking group of nerds

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 08:13:40 PM
Posted By: Cash  
word to a nerd

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 08:06:26 PM
Posted By: Cash  
y do all ya crackers think ur better then everyone

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 08:05:17 PM
Posted By: Cash  
fuck is up with ya u need to get the shit beat out of u one day for saying shit on like that

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 08:01:59 PM
Posted By: Cash  
yo u have never seen this road u cant break 90 on it cuz u will lose control and i hit the brakes so i was going like 30 when i hit it

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 08:00:05 PM
Posted By: Cash  
what the fuck ru trying to say i am black faggot

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 07:59:40 PM
Posted By: Cash  
haha u guys sound like kids that when someone did something to u u cried about it and told someone and your mom

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 07:57:52 PM
Posted By: Cash  
it is hard to remember do u know what it is like hitting a deer it is like hitting a wall

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 07:56:03 PM
Posted By: Cash  
actually i didnt u were not there i just hit a deer

Comment for image #4445 5-02-2002 @ 07:55:16 PM
Posted By: Cash  
fuck u guys i am not trying to keep this up it is a waste of time i am jsut telling u how it is hell i dont even know u and u dont know me

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