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Last 10 comments by CraZeeF00

Comment for image #48476 1-14-2006 @ 08:42:55 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
GM stole my design from 3 years ago!!!!


Comment for image #42896 8-08-2005 @ 08:03:28 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
This picture looks like it was taken in Japan...

Comment for image #42793 8-05-2005 @ 08:37:55 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
a wagon on steriods

Comment for image #38645 3-01-2005 @ 04:06:27 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
the 190E EvoII is sweet :p

Comment for image #31688 4-04-2004 @ 09:48:31 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
When and where in Toronto was this auction?

Comment for image #31582 4-01-2004 @ 10:15:51 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  

Comment for image #31583 3-30-2004 @ 10:07:51 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00;category=33633

Comment for image #31582 3-30-2004 @ 10:06:00 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00

Comment for image #31516 3-29-2004 @ 12:08:56 AM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
This may sorta be off general, do harder tires (i.e. snow tires) make more smoke or do softer tires (i.e. summer tires) make more smoke when your peel out or drift?

Comment for image #31464 3-26-2004 @ 12:08:40 PM
Posted By: CraZeeF00  
My friend just did a quick photoshop of this HSC and put the NSX engine in. I just put it up to see who would realize that there was something wrong with the pic....Nice work Lemming :P

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