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Last 10 comments by DA_MAISTA

Comment for image #51894 6-17-2009 @ 02:53:08 AM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
It looks horribly dull in person, but I kinda see the appeal, especially with the 4WD version.

Comment for image #78727 6-15-2009 @ 08:44:59 AM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Not in WWI they weren't.

Comment for image #78644 6-07-2009 @ 05:23:04 AM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Has it become THAT unusual for cars to last more than 200k? I mean, apart from Taxis and old Mercedes Diesel... which amounts to the same thing really.

Comment for image #78635 6-07-2009 @ 05:18:42 AM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Thanks. In a Micra, you feel so vulnerable, like in a Zero fighter plane. Surrounded by thin glass and flimsy shet metal.

Comment for image #78634 6-05-2009 @ 02:36:13 PM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Severe Recruitment Problems?
How about "Top Gun II - No carriers, more gay innuendo!

Comment for image #78609 6-04-2009 @ 04:48:17 AM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
But would you buy one of those if she came with a Kia?

Comment for image #58399 6-04-2009 @ 04:47:10 AM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Diesel Motorsport is getting out of hand!
And #2 Hellyeah, I'd watch that!

Comment for image #78596 6-02-2009 @ 06:32:24 PM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Insight is not released yet, but you're right. I just noticed that Toyota US has at least the Camry Solara. The most desireable car from Toyota Germany would probably be the Avensis (and maybe the Land Cruiser V8). They've even dropped the Celica and the MR2.

Comment for image #78596 6-02-2009 @ 04:54:06 PM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
Toyotas lineup here in Europe is barely better. Sure, Lexus fares a bit better but there is barely anything thats exiting. And, even worse, quality has suffered, too. There's the Prius and thats it. Everything else is made cheaper and better by someone else.

Comment for image #78214 6-02-2009 @ 02:29:57 PM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA  
The whole german post-war microcars maybe. Isetta, Messerschmidt cabin car and such.

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