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Real Name: Daniel Dolwick
Location: Hebron,KY(right under Cincy)
Car you drive: '94' Saturn SL2
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Last 10 comments by Dadol21

Comment for image #12119 1-16-2012 @ 05:41:08 AM
Posted By: Dadol21  
Looks exactly like mine, except mine has the factory spoiler.

Comment for image #84986 7-06-2011 @ 05:58:16 AM
Posted By: Dadol21  
Hot... Shes not bad either.

Comment for image #84180 3-02-2011 @ 09:42:55 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  
I wonder how many gas stations he had to stop at.

Comment for image #84159 2-23-2011 @ 07:43:14 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  
County Sheriff
State Police:
various pursuit vehicles:

Comment for image #42830 1-16-2011 @ 04:58:29 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  

Comment for image #83542 11-08-2010 @ 06:38:44 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  
Is there a front view? Looks pretty sporty for a smart vehicle, I like it.

Comment for image #82332 7-22-2010 @ 04:46:36 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  

Comment for image #41148 7-13-2010 @ 01:16:45 AM
Posted By: Dadol21  
Wow, you must view it in full size to capture it in all of its beauty.

Comment for image #82049 6-28-2010 @ 04:12:08 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  
He was trying to turn them all into giant Monopoly tokens, what you dont see is the football feild sized board and life sized hotels!

Comment for image #81487 5-01-2010 @ 04:44:35 PM
Posted By: Dadol21  
Its more of an homage to Wayne's World. There is a picture of wayne and garth on the dashboard.

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