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Last 10 comments by DiRF

Comment for image #44531 9-17-2021 @ 12:07:31 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
I have to admit, the unique shape of the Saturn headlights coupled with that row of rally lights just looks... extremely incongruous.

Comment for image #97913 9-16-2021 @ 09:54:55 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Aw man, don't waste the MH30/30! Pass it over.

Comment for image #57582 9-16-2021 @ 07:49:25 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Yup, I just misread it as that, as well.

Comment for image #43734 9-16-2021 @ 07:37:19 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
No, it's a Mustang. :P

Comment for image #49761 9-16-2021 @ 04:46:41 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I really do dislike the Ram Air acoops on these. Without them, it's a very sleak, handsome front-end.

Comment for image #52366 9-16-2021 @ 04:05:42 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
The only way I can think of an Accord like this to be exciting is if it had the Acura CL Type S drivetrain swapped-in.

Comment for image #96088 9-15-2021 @ 09:07:31 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Binged the rest of Season 5. The best I can say it was... uneven. Though, a higher percentage of "good" episodes than Season 4.

The ending [surprise*] two-parter was damned good, though, with the second-half of the second-part just EPIC.

Fantastic piece of music to end the season: It's a tweaked version of a theme that had been used a couple of times prior. This time, it just meant so, SO much more.

*They didn't advertise that it'd be a two-parter... they ran the first part, which could have been a standalone finale... then immediately went on to the next part, unannounced. And H O L Y. S H I T.

Comment for image #96715 9-14-2021 @ 09:58:43 PM
Posted By: DiRF

Comment for image #25580 9-12-2021 @ 11:32:29 PM
Posted By: DiRF  

Comment for image #97905 9-12-2021 @ 10:28:22 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Same one? 26982 91376 93763

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