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Last 10 comments by DiRF

Comment for image #45606 4-23-2019 @ 10:22:37 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
...and this game has been announced as part of the library for the Sega Genesis Mini. I already pre-ordered that system, so that's just icing on the cake. Unfortunately, it appears Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles will not make it on the system, as licensing rights for the music used in that game have become a legal quagmire :(

...hell, I toss this in here, as well

Comment for image #41433 4-23-2019 @ 10:15:32 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
...another world I'm getting to explore are hacked and translated games... the fan community that sets about improving existing games, and independently-localizing foreign games is fantastic.

Comment for image #41433 4-23-2019 @ 10:10:42 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Prices of Pro controllers stabilized since that last post... picked up another one used for ~$18 at a local game store.

...and holy shit, Hakchi on my SNES Mini has opened up a whole new retro gaming world for me. I know Retro Pis do essentially the same thing, but this way, I don't have to worry about fiddling with the hardware myself...
I even side-loaded a USB stick so I can run some CD-based console games, as well...

...I'm now getting to enjoy Sega Master System and TurboGrafx games I *never* would have played in the past... those two were good damn systems! Shockingly high-quality game libraries, as well. ...I'm also getting to try out the libraries of the Sega 32X and Sega CD... I played those in the past, but only when I *rented* those add-ons from Blockbuster on a rare occasion... the 32X had some extremely polished, high-quality games, the Sega CD... uh... its games library feels a lot like a giant experiment.

Unfortunately, Atari Jaguar and Sega Saturn are apparently extremely difficult to emulate, not just on Hakchi, but in general. no diving into those game libraries, and the Dreamcast requires just a bit too much processing power than the SNES Mini can provide. It appears the N64 is difficult to emulate, as well, but a handful of games run decently enough... and emulated PlayStation games run damn near flawlessly. ...I'm also rediscovering how amazing the library for the Game Boy Advance was.

Comment for image #4895 4-22-2019 @ 01:26:33 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
*Googles* I'll be damned... I didn't know that! It's a god damn Mitsubishi Carisma!

Comment for image #4895 4-21-2019 @ 08:58:05 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I still think these are very handsome, and they've aged well.

Comment for image #47696 4-19-2019 @ 10:22:54 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
The only way it could be made to look cheaper is if the grill was replaced with Bentley chicken-wire.

Comment for image #97169 4-17-2019 @ 08:20:01 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
When the walls fell.

Comment for image #70981 4-16-2019 @ 11:15:52 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
What the fuck happened to Frodo's face?!

Comment for image #97135 4-16-2019 @ 05:57:10 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
...if your marketing firm has gone through the trouble of photoshopping the badges off some vehicles, why use them just once?

Comment for image #97167 4-15-2019 @ 12:13:48 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
...I'm assuming "Payroll Express" is probably their company, and these cars are used for company business and advertising/marketing... have to admit, they are rather attention-grabbing (for better or worse)
...probably managed to be a tax write-off, as well.

To be honest, I still like the Monte Carlo pace car replicas like the one in the background.

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