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Last 10 comments by DiRF

Comment for image #96558 12-10-2017 @ 12:43:59 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
To be fair, Chevy had some of the prettiest cars amongst the mainstream brands in the early '50s... they HAD to stand out with style, because they sure as hell couldn't compete on performance/engines...

Comment for image #96570 12-10-2017 @ 08:57:09 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
I'd call it more anteater nose, but, yeah... I'm mainly annoyed by ridiculous levels of fake-grill material on the front of cars (and BACK, looking at you Honda Civic)... they're as much of a cancer as black plastic on c-pillars trying to look like windows. "Floating roof" MY ASS.

Comment for image #67841 12-08-2017 @ 07:59:58 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I'm today's big winner?

Is my prize perhaps... malware?

Comment for image #58259 12-08-2017 @ 06:34:01 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I'm sorry, but there's never anything "perfect" about a 996. Compromised design, compromised engineering, compromised build quality... 997 went a long way towards restoring the lineage...

Comment for image #52134 12-07-2017 @ 12:09:51 AM
Posted By: DiRF  

Comment for image #81212 12-05-2017 @ 09:12:57 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Now in animated form.

Comment for image #94762 12-04-2017 @ 09:46:31 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Got a new one... Toyota 4Runners... were they ALWAYS driven so slowly? Am I only noticing it now?

Comment for image #95416 12-03-2017 @ 01:30:17 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I mean, seriously... passed by two parked, brand-new Subaru Legacy sedans a day or so ago... I swear to God I thought they were 5-year-old Toyota Camrys.

Comment for image #96313 12-03-2017 @ 01:26:07 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
The engine's finally been run in, so he's started autocrossing it. (sorry for the potato-quality... it's a still from a cellphone video.)

Comment for image #91305 12-03-2017 @ 01:08:14 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
This is the world as we know it... a handful of interesting cars swept up in an ocean of bland crossovers.

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