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Last 10 comments by DiRF

Comment for image #70593 6-22-2018 @ 07:08:23 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
Not only that, but they're a fair bit more expensive than family sedans and cheap(er), simple pickups that used to dominate sales charts... people, en masse, are now buying vehicles waaaaay out of their affordability range, getting 96(!) Month financing and/or using subprime-style balloon payments... we're headed for another credit crisis... just because everyone wants a $60k+ SUV/truck. Ugh.

Comment for image #70593 6-21-2018 @ 11:47:01 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I shudder to think what we'll see in the coming Decade... Mitsubishi already got the ball rolling...

Nissan 400ZX4 Sport crossover
Toyota Celica-Trail crossover
Honda S2000-RV crossover
Mazda MX-5 RoadsterX crossover
Volkswagon Scirocco Sportcrosscoupe crossover
Chevrolet CamaroBlazer crossover (Oh, wait, that was actually JUST unveiled...)

Comment for image #70593 6-21-2018 @ 11:13:49 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
The GTR is now pretty much a decade old... and, aside from minor mechanical and aesthetic tweaks, it's pretty much the same car...

Hell, the 370Z has followed almost the exact same path in terms of age and lack of overall redesign. Is Nissan ever going to give us another all-new performance car?

Comment for image #48201 6-21-2018 @ 11:05:05 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Oh... oh wow. This is just a tad off...

Comment for image #96827 6-21-2018 @ 10:44:01 PM
Posted By: DiRF

Comment for image #7809 6-20-2018 @ 07:48:20 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
People are still shocked when a Daytona or Superbird are "discovered" rotting away in an old shed or garage... not realizing that there WAS a time when muscle cars, no matter rarity or pedigree, were essentially worthless.

Hell, just watch "Used Cars" for that final scene... plenty of muscle cars that, at the time, had very little intrinsic value... now they'd actually be worth restoring and carry a profit.

Comment for image #96818 6-20-2018 @ 07:44:31 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
I've only been to Five Guys once... and it was incredibly disappointing... burger was nothing special, and the fries were so over-salted/seasoned to the point of being inedible. And entire bag full of fried potatoes that could not be consumed.

Comment for image #96818 6-19-2018 @ 09:53:09 PM
Posted By: DiRF  

Comment for image #96826 6-18-2018 @ 10:46:45 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
My dad still gushes about the Mk2 he had waaayyy back when. He really liked that car, even though most of the time it didn't even run when he owned it...

Comment for image #96818 6-18-2018 @ 07:38:08 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Oh hai, wimbles.

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