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Last 10 comments by DiRF

Comment for image #82730 1-29-2022 @ 12:02:51 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
Front end reminds me of David Letterman.

Comment for image #90522 1-29-2022 @ 12:00:18 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
Damn that Doctor Fred.

Comment for image #57954 1-28-2022 @ 12:50:12 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
Needs a front plate that reads "WYATT"...

Comment for image #7933 1-28-2022 @ 12:44:07 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
Seeing some old F1 races where they had friggin' Vauxhall sedans as safety cars, I don't imagine this thing's lack of high-performance capabilities would be too much of a hindrance as a pace car.

The Storm may not have been a barn-burner, but once up to speed, I'm sure it would have had a decent chassis to handle pacing a field of race cars.

Comment for image #92451 1-27-2022 @ 10:24:11 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a FWD Chevrolet from the '80s and '90s. Bling is right, these things have virtually vanished from the Deep South.

Comment for image #90763 1-24-2022 @ 11:40:54 PM
Posted By: DiRF  

Comment for image #59746 1-24-2022 @ 11:03:01 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
If it weren't LHD and was rather RHD, I'd have guessed one of those late '90s/early '00s Honda-based Rovers/MGs.

Comment for image #49824 1-24-2022 @ 06:48:58 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
The last generation of Civics that were legitimately handsome. The mods on this one are relatively clean, I would personally want it not dropped so low, but that's a minor qualm.

Comment for image #47628 1-21-2022 @ 02:40:21 PM
Posted By: DiRF  
Yarp; these "disguised" test-mule headlights threw everyone for a loop.

But the Bentley Azure was still a far prettier car.

Comment for image #76904 1-21-2022 @ 09:23:55 AM
Posted By: DiRF  
Of course it's fucking UAE...

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