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Last 10 comments by Disrupture

Comment for image #96883 7-25-2018 @ 01:46:45 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  
It's a trend ?

Comment for image #78554 5-24-2009 @ 11:35:36 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  
In some parts of downtown Montreal, you often get served in english only. I think THAT is pure arrogance.

Comment for image #78166 5-17-2009 @ 10:09:23 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  
It's getting out of hand.. once I finish my game inventory, I'll take pics... Got one new console, a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A but I focused more on the games lately.

Comment for image #78501 5-16-2009 @ 01:05:39 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  
Looks like crap.

Comment for image #78502 5-16-2009 @ 01:04:23 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  
Man, looks like you've lost a lot of weight. Am I right ?

Comment for image #78476 5-14-2009 @ 08:50:41 PM
Posted By: Disrupture  
I would've swapped a Ford 5.0L for a change. ;)

Saw my first Starion today, red and really clean.

Comment for image #78488 5-14-2009 @ 08:26:56 PM
Posted By: Disrupture  
I really like the Flex. I've sat in one at the auto show last winter and tought it could be a great vehicle when I start a family. I couldn't say a negative point on it after 10 minutes of observation.. nothing a roadtest would change I think. I just REALLY like boxy vehicles.

Comment for image #78443 5-06-2009 @ 07:42:36 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  

Comment for image #78453 5-06-2009 @ 07:37:20 AM
Posted By: Disrupture  
What happened to the 850 ?

Comment for image #78418 4-27-2009 @ 09:11:46 PM
Posted By: Disrupture  

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