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Other info: I'm a furry. Deal with it.

Last 10 comments by Driven_out

Comment for image #97294 3-30-2020 @ 09:12:56 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
still driving up and down the road between both countries. been all alone in the truck and trying to survive.

Comment for image #80616 3-04-2020 @ 10:27:40 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
I'm not sure mine's even alive anymore

Comment for image #97284 2-03-2020 @ 01:41:40 PM
Posted By: Driven_out
i found this, it looks pretty accurate

Comment for image #97274 12-14-2019 @ 11:36:46 AM
Posted By: Driven_out  
Chevrolet Demogorgon

Comment for image #97257 11-06-2019 @ 10:26:34 PM
Posted By: Driven_out
and they gone and made it real

Comment for image #97266 11-06-2019 @ 10:22:36 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
someones been wathcing spectator drags on youtube

Comment for image #62169 9-29-2019 @ 06:32:50 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
I disagree, this taurii nose looks a bit more awkward. it wouldn't have done any better

Comment for image #56615 8-23-2019 @ 07:13:44 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
Now im picturing it with a jazz paint job.

Comment for image #97231 8-19-2019 @ 01:44:45 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
Pre rack and pinion car, shame

Comment for image #95263 8-07-2019 @ 07:32:58 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
best for running over with a monster truck.

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