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Last 10 comments by Driven_out

Comment for image #96633 2-19-2018 @ 06:22:40 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
usually those mini trucks are sold in the states as off highway vehicles with speed limiters installed. some states allow ATV use on secondary roads, so they can be legally driven on smaller highways in some states afaik

Comment for image #96627 2-16-2018 @ 02:01:21 AM
Posted By: Driven_out  
no you dolt, the one he reviewed was black.

Comment for image #96627 2-15-2018 @ 11:57:49 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
that's probably the one DeMuro reviewed since...those don't belong here~

Comment for image #96625 2-12-2018 @ 04:47:36 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
I think that fender arch is fiberglass, looks cheapo added on or something. it doesnt look like part of the actual bed?

Comment for image #22619 2-11-2018 @ 05:57:17 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
they were definitely a product of their generation, which makes me like them very much, theres something fun about the cheeseballness of that era

Comment for image #90208 1-18-2018 @ 12:30:59 AM
Posted By: Driven_out  
i wonder what fate my 2007 focus, and 92 sonoma have, kinda wish i could find some documents with their vins

Comment for image #42117 1-16-2018 @ 12:34:54 AM
Posted By: Driven_out  
Heeeeeeey :c


Comment for image #96579 1-10-2018 @ 10:23:54 AM
Posted By: Driven_out  
Had a few changes since i got it. Heres some pictures!

Comment for image #96579 12-23-2017 @ 01:41:12 AM
Posted By: Driven_out  
37000milesish (61000 KMs)
Great condition body and interior. Average bed. its a truck

Comment for image #96525 11-05-2017 @ 02:57:02 PM
Posted By: Driven_out  
for some reason, all the geriatrics who bought these actually cared for them. whereas neons are peons. use and throw away.

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