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Real Name: Adam
Location: Franklin, NC
Car you drive: 97 Ford Escort LX sport
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Other info: 1997 Ford Escort LX Sport SOHC 2.0L SPI, 5-speed Manual, HP: 127,
Weight: 2,452 lbs, 0-60: 7.78 sec, 1/4 mile: 15.97 s @ 85 mph, top speed:
122 mph

Split-Port Power Controller
HI-output Ignition Coil Pack
Bosch Spark Plug Wires
Bosch Platinum +4 Spark Plugs
K&N air Filter
K&N oil filter
HI-flo Fuel Filter
Throttle Body / Air Flow Meter
Superchip ECU Upgrade
Short Shifter
Performance Clutch & Pressure Plate Set
45% Underdrive CVH Race Pulley
Hooker Competition Muffler
Hooker Exhaust 3 1/2 inch Tip
205/45ZR16 Goodyear Eagle HP Ultra Plus
16x6.5 Silver Painted Sport Edition Fox2

Last 10 comments by Escort_LX_Sport

Comment for image #24551 6-24-2003 @ 05:41:09 PM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
WTF!? why he stupid post this pic here!?

that gross!

Comment for image #24550 6-24-2003 @ 04:21:36 PM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  

Comment for image #24550 6-24-2003 @ 04:12:24 PM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
I see there Escort SE!!! AHHHHHH

I bet Escort will smoke Lamborghini!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe j/k :P

Comment for image #24543 6-24-2003 @ 12:26:21 PM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
checkout 20360

Comment for image #24522 6-24-2003 @ 08:43:00 AM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  

it is forwards :D

my eye is power!!! j/k :P

Comment for image #15980 6-23-2003 @ 10:06:47 AM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
I heard maybe Escort 4 door will come back few year ;)

Comment for image #15980 6-23-2003 @ 10:01:44 AM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
oh i see

I think this 03 ZX2 last year no more make Escorts

Comment for image #24508 6-23-2003 @ 09:59:42 AM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
checkout 20417 this is 6s sec!!!

Comment for image #15980 6-23-2003 @ 09:56:36 AM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
huh? what is "KABOOM"??? :-/

Comment for image #24509 6-23-2003 @ 09:55:42 AM
Posted By: Escort_LX_Sport  
why not?

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