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Car you drive: 1988 ford F150 custom
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Other info: my truck 1988 ford F150 custom - 302 V8, 4x4

my bike - 1980 Honda 650c (restore in progress, mice living somwhere in it)

my former autos:
1987 Buick lesabre Estate Wagon (big ol' V8)
died of engine sized/caught fire....
1990 Mazda B2200 POS edition - somewhere in a river
in upper Maine...Jack daniels was driving
1986 vovlo 240dl sedan (the brick)
Tranny fell off...yea...fell fell OFF...O-F-F
it fell the fuck off
2003 ford ranger EDGE (bank wanted it back for some reason)

Last 10 comments by FiXXXeR

Comment for image #66900 9-13-2007 @ 09:20:08 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
they just got these in cuba

Comment for image #66821 9-13-2007 @ 09:18:44 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
I wanna see what happens when i rear end one with my truck

Comment for image #52494 5-10-2006 @ 07:44:12 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
all they had to do is relpace the golfcart engine....

Comment for image #52487 5-10-2006 @ 07:16:03 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
trailer hitch? thats ambitious

Comment for image #52490 5-10-2006 @ 07:14:57 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
...just kill it

Comment for image #52203 5-02-2006 @ 07:07:56 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
i bet its reeeeeeeeeal kinky in there

Comment for image #52194 5-02-2006 @ 07:06:44 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
i actually like it as well

Comment for image #52206 5-02-2006 @ 07:05:05 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
resale value about to drop

Comment for image #52210 5-02-2006 @ 07:04:11 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
no no no no no no! no more ranger abuse! use a damn s-10 or a friggin tacoma or a damn nissan!

Comment for image #52211 5-02-2006 @ 07:02:20 PM
Posted By: FiXXXeR  
too much time in the sun for her

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