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Last 10 comments by Geos2KSS

Comment for image #528 1-10-2002 @ 09:04:42 AM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
I guess the Dodge boys are sick of hearing about how great the Lightning is... nice truck.

Comment for image #425 1-07-2002 @ 01:50:34 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
Well, now we know where those two old kitchen chairs went...

Comment for image #504 1-07-2002 @ 01:45:51 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
More than likely.

We aren't cool because our cars don't have wings large enough to uplift a Boeing.

Comment for image #261 1-04-2002 @ 04:57:34 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
I like the garage door windows too... Nice touch...

Comment for image #261 1-04-2002 @ 04:56:58 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
I am about 6ft 4in, and my car has a 6 pt cage in it. I have no problems getting in and out of it.

Comment for image #84 1-04-2002 @ 04:50:14 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
Is it a shitbomb? Why, yes it is...

Comment for image #261 1-04-2002 @ 04:49:31 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
Zaino is a popular car polish people use on their LS1's. Makes the car shine like what you have there.

I drive a silver 2000 SS, #1133 of 8912. It is currently receiving a few mods...

Comment for image #487 1-04-2002 @ 04:47:47 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
You don't want to play with one of those. They are faaaaast.

But the transmissions do leave something to be desired.
Like a stronger trans.

Comment for image #261 1-04-2002 @ 04:44:22 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
I was considering ground effects, but around here with the shitty roads and speed bumps and SNOW, they would get damaged.

How long did you Zaino that car for? I assume you used Zaino...

Comment for image #261 1-04-2002 @ 04:40:22 PM
Posted By: Geos2KSS  
Do you actually drive that car? I would be afraid to rip off the ground effects...

What issue of CHP are you in?

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