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Other info: Im not racist when it comes to cars either it's good or it's rice doesn't matter
where it came from.... O}= )~!~

Last 10 comments by Gforce18750

Comment for image #52276 5-04-2006 @ 02:31:39 AM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
2 far

Comment for image #52283 5-04-2006 @ 02:27:48 AM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
looks good..i'm thinking a Vash outfit?

Comment for image #52263 5-03-2006 @ 05:24:11 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
i wonder who owns this

Comment for image #52221 5-02-2006 @ 07:23:39 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
well v8 swaps are popular for the s-10's and rangers so it isn't really to expensive or hard to do.

Comment for image #51995 4-26-2006 @ 04:57:51 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
i think someone needs to ps it all rusted and up on blocks like the pics of the tempo

Comment for image #51824 4-20-2006 @ 12:10:24 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
this pic reminds me of when i used to have my Monte, i went to a car show one time and got there kind of late there weren't any spots left with the other MCSS's so i ended up parking with a bunch of GN's, all day i had to deal with people telling me my car wasn't a GN. I was like WTF?!?!?!? do you think i don't know that.

Comment for image #51799 4-19-2006 @ 08:22:53 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
wonder how much it would be to import it?

Comment for image #51800 4-19-2006 @ 08:21:38 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
my dad had a scout im not sure if it was a I or II but i remeber it rusted the hell out , but it kept running for along time

Comment for image #51797 4-19-2006 @ 07:48:49 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
oh ok cause it is still showing up on mine

Comment for image #51797 4-19-2006 @ 07:31:16 PM
Posted By: Gforce18750  
why is it a repost?

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