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Last 10 comments by GhettoGlider

Comment for image #4979 4-28-2002 @ 02:17:18 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
wonder if he also plays chest??

Comment for image #4885 4-25-2002 @ 09:16:33 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
this guy just had money to throw around. nothing wrong with that, but there is just no need for the crap he has in this system. and for the money he spent he could have 3000 other set-ups that perform much better.
1. the subs are only rated 300 watts RMS
2. he has around 600 watts running to each sub (overkill)
3. the amplifiers he has on the subs are 4 channel bridged to each sub. (anybody that knows anything, knows that is a big no no in this type of install)
4. he has a 15 FARAD cap. the rule is 1 FARAD per. 1000 watts. (no way in hell he is running 15,000 watts)
5. this is obviously a sound quality car. the thing is he has everything running in mono. another no no.
all in all when it comes down to it this system is rice. too many useless mods!

Comment for image #4763 4-22-2002 @ 04:09:12 PM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
probly just artwork, not actually on the street. probly off to the side or something

Comment for image #4335 4-22-2002 @ 08:45:24 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
fun fun fun

Comment for image #4676 4-22-2002 @ 08:37:10 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
looks nice, but the way it sits on that stand the bike looks level. seems if the rear end was off that stand it would sit sort of low. plus the rider. or maybe its just the fact that its 8 a.m. and im still tired lol

Comment for image #4335 4-17-2002 @ 07:41:53 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
now this is a fast bike and its still stock in this picture (besides the stickers from what i can tell).. ready to race out of the crate! my brother just bought the liquid silver R1 so sweet.

Comment for image #4015 4-12-2002 @ 06:29:48 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  

Comment for image #3764 4-09-2002 @ 06:57:06 PM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
lol u can take latrell out the ghetto but u cant take the ghetto out of latrell ... parking that car by the curb = ghetto

Comment for image #2155 4-09-2002 @ 10:11:45 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
i felt sort of bad for wishing him dead.. but makes u think, be carefull of what u wish for.

Comment for image #2155 4-09-2002 @ 10:10:52 AM
Posted By: GhettoGlider  
ok, i guess ill add my little story lol.. growing up there used to be this kid, sort of the town bully so to speak, im sure u know the type. anyways this kid used to steal my sound system atleats twice a yea for 2 years. i didnt find out it was him untill i stayed at his friends sisters house and he stole the system from my car while i was there over-night. i confronted him and ofcourse he denied it, he even had the balls to try and have me jumped for thinking it was him. but after i put up a fight they all just ran off. anyhow, i remember saying to myself damn this kid needs die..not actually meaning it just u know how ya just think or say shit like that sometimes.. well, 2 years later after not hearing from him or about him i was talking with a friend, we were looking back on some shitty things that have happend to us and i ask what ever happed to ( so and so). my friend said , u dont know? i was like dont know what.. he told me the kid had died 6 months ago. drug OD..

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