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Last 10 comments by GreenLantern

Comment for image #36701 11-10-2004 @ 02:35:30 PM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
read the second link in #9. While the latest one happened in China in 2000, it does and has happened

Comment for image #36701 11-09-2004 @ 11:34:44 PM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
while the majority of planes can safely withstand a lighting strike, the possibility of damage is real. and even though they are designed to withstand them, protection can only do so much. while the measusres that have been taken work really well, they can still fail.

Comment for image #36701 11-09-2004 @ 11:31:27 PM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
if you believe it is safe, read the part about aircraft damage.
this page has some good information.
while aircraft are now designed to withstand a lighting strike, they can still be damaged.
every aircraft is estimated to be struck by lightning at least once a year. once again i say it is common but not normal.

Comment for image #36701 11-09-2004 @ 10:42:22 PM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
I wouldnt say it is normal, I would say it is common. It does happen a lot but it is anything but normal or safe. Although most planes dont suffer any damage from a lighting strike, their instruments and electrical systems can be destroyed. And some planes have been disabled from a lighting strike.

Comment for image #36689 11-09-2004 @ 09:29:07 AM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
that has been one of my biggest issues with the lowriders in the games, why wont the hydraulics(sp?)stay in place. still an awesome game though

Comment for image #36689 11-08-2004 @ 11:18:04 PM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
how did you get your car to stay like that?

Comment for image #23927 9-29-2004 @ 08:04:28 AM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
they look like R33 taillights

Comment for image #35736 9-29-2004 @ 08:01:23 AM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
it does

Comment for image #33835 7-10-2004 @ 02:41:15 AM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
this reminds me of a dude my cousin saw. she saw a guy riding a 10 speed bicycle with a trailer hitch welded to it pulling a rowboat

Comment for image #28183 6-18-2004 @ 02:10:40 AM
Posted By: GreenLantern  
they are.
or they are for the sti at least
everything appears stock

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