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Other info: I killed 2 civics in a month!!!!!!!!!

Last 10 comments by HondaKiller

Comment for image #34158 7-23-2004 @ 05:01:36 PM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
Look its the "Bastard Snake"

Comment for image #33993 7-16-2004 @ 05:28:56 PM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
oooooooooooooooooogly paint job

Comment for image #33487 6-17-2004 @ 04:52:30 PM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
"Must kill Ken for cheating on Barbie!!!!!!!!"

Comment for image #33051 5-28-2004 @ 12:23:55 PM
Posted By: HondaKiller

Comment for image #33051 5-28-2004 @ 12:17:55 PM
Posted By: HondaKiller

Comment for image #32816 5-18-2004 @ 10:48:45 PM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
I think 18's on a G-Body is biggest you should go,but that me.

Comment for image #32650 5-12-2004 @ 01:29:24 AM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
this is just a regular SR20.. cause im not seeing the turbo or any of the piping

Comment for image #32477 5-05-2004 @ 01:56:02 AM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
real steady pic doing a 140ish!!!!

Comment for image #32477 5-05-2004 @ 01:55:17 AM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
My civic sayed 3750 miles

Comment for image #32479 5-05-2004 @ 01:52:53 AM
Posted By: HondaKiller  
Here is mine

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