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Last 10 comments by Hoopd87

Comment for image #97227 8-01-2019 @ 10:46:36 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
Since moving to Florida, I haven't seen a nice GMT360. Pretty sure they all have mismatched body panels.

Comment for image #95948 1-26-2017 @ 12:05:04 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
There we go. I did a thing. I'll be back in two years. :p

Comment for image #90000 1-26-2017 @ 12:00:12 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
I am supremely disappoint y'all aren't over 10k by now. Slackers.

Comment for image #93226 1-25-2017 @ 11:57:42 PM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
Yeah, sounds about right.

I just drove it today. Given our nice weather this January, the roads are completely salt-free. I've put over 10k on it since I bought it. It's only needed an O2 and coolant temp sensor in that time.

Comment for image #95883 1-25-2017 @ 11:53:44 PM
Posted By: Hoopd87  

Comment for image #93226 6-19-2015 @ 12:01:41 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
Right. My car does not weigh 5,000lbs. That is all.

Comment for image #93241 6-19-2015 @ 12:00:28 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
With Custom Cruiser wheels. Funny.

Comment for image #93223 6-15-2015 @ 11:31:07 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
Suddenly it's 2005.

Comment for image #93226 6-15-2015 @ 10:38:30 AM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
I will! I want to check in a junkyard first before buying one on Ebay.

Comment for image #90000 10-03-2013 @ 03:38:23 PM
Posted By: Hoopd87  
It's me times 10,000!

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