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Last 10 comments by Iceman404

Comment for image #4420 5-09-2002 @ 08:42:45 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
I can't help thinking of the Dukes of Hazzard. :-P
much respect, though, these guys rocked

Comment for image #3890 5-09-2002 @ 08:40:16 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
dunno if I like it, but the concept is cool

Comment for image #4894 5-09-2002 @ 08:38:38 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
oooh, rally. too bad it's french.

Comment for image #3904 5-09-2002 @ 08:35:54 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
oh no! look at all the ricey Range Rovers!

if I had that much cash I don't think I would give a crap :-P

Comment for image #1521 5-09-2002 @ 08:34:30 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
do you have any idea how cool that car could have been? ugh! I think I'm gonna boot

Comment for image #4508 5-09-2002 @ 08:33:11 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
3rd gen? they look like they're from an LS. it's hard to tell though

Comment for image #3796 5-09-2002 @ 08:30:14 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
SHO motor plus a centerfugal, this thing has balls...too bad it's an escrap

Comment for image #5305 5-09-2002 @ 08:28:35 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
you know, I bet it gets 10 second quarters.
rear window stickers add 200 wheel hp, you know

Comment for image #3756 5-09-2002 @ 08:27:07 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  

Comment for image #4508 5-09-2002 @ 08:26:29 PM
Posted By: Iceman404  
..................................holy shiot..........................................
can they do that?

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