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Car you drive: Chevy van(see for yourself!)
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Last 10 comments by Jesuz

Comment for image #45038 10-07-2005 @ 01:29:13 PM
Posted By: Jesuz  
yeah, sure, she can ride me

Comment for image #45034 10-07-2005 @ 02:47:58 AM
Posted By: Jesuz  
nice paint job tho

Comment for image #44939 10-06-2005 @ 11:41:28 AM
Posted By: Jesuz  
if it's got the power to back up the look, why not? i'd take this over a 911 after i coat on a different color.

Comment for image #44936 10-06-2005 @ 11:38:13 AM
Posted By: Jesuz  
for some reason. i kinda like it. right a right paint job, this could look some what neat. right paint job being flat black with gold rims and chrome lips, bbs style

it might look ugly to some but as a rice car. the fit and finish is quality

Comment for image #44304 9-21-2005 @ 02:58:50 PM
Posted By: Jesuz  
another BS law sue?

Comment for image #44528 9-21-2005 @ 02:53:40 PM
Posted By: Jesuz  
pretty gay

Comment for image #44074 9-10-2005 @ 04:44:38 AM
Posted By: Jesuz  
hope he didnt get any rocks flying into those lamboughinis

Comment for image #44083 9-10-2005 @ 04:34:01 AM
Posted By: Jesuz  
no not that slow. only one of the slowest new cars money can buy

Comment for image #42484 7-30-2005 @ 12:28:59 PM
Posted By: Jesuz  
i like this one for some reason. a daily driver. but fuck... stop posting to many damn accords. i see them daily

Comment for image #42460 7-30-2005 @ 12:21:06 PM
Posted By: Jesuz  
best compect car ever

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