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Real Name: josh
Location: oregon
Car you drive: 73 CHEVY NOVA with a 350 stack on blower and 3 15 pound bottles
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Other info: Women are like buses, u may miss one catch and catch another on the hour
every hour

Last 10 comments by Jjad238

Comment for image #1458 3-03-2002 @ 12:03:08 AM
Posted By: Jjad238  
any one tell me th differnce between the fast back the gt350 and the gt500

Comment for image #1025 2-18-2002 @ 12:52:29 AM
Posted By: Jjad238  
probaly can take most rice

Comment for image #979 2-18-2002 @ 12:09:58 AM
Posted By: Jjad238  
prett nice to scott u should race this with ur stang

Comment for image #980 2-18-2002 @ 12:06:36 AM
Posted By: Jjad238  
scott this is nice

Comment for image #807 2-18-2002 @ 12:00:11 AM
Posted By: Jjad238  
the car cant hit 140

Comment for image #621 2-03-2002 @ 08:04:12 PM
Posted By: Jjad238  
maybe just because of the uglee wheels slow it down

Comment for image #621 2-03-2002 @ 08:03:36 PM
Posted By: Jjad238  
wow low 16s i wonder if that is because of the wing

Comment for image #58 2-03-2002 @ 07:59:45 PM
Posted By: Jjad238  
awwwwwww chiken wire at least 15 more horse

Comment for image #680 1-21-2002 @ 10:19:15 PM
Posted By: Jjad238  

Comment for image #428 1-21-2002 @ 10:17:29 PM
Posted By: Jjad238  

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