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Last 10 comments by Jon

Comment for image #97212 7-11-2019 @ 12:29:19 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Yea, the Bonneville is long gone. Down to just this and a Forester for the wife and kids.

It's just the right size for me! Tons of room inside for me and the kids' seats. I looked at a Legacy but they just seem blah to me now :

Comment for image #96734 5-09-2018 @ 08:49:53 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Thanks! Yea it sounds decent for a little turbo 4.

Comment for image #96734 5-09-2018 @ 10:01:12 AM
Posted By: Jon  
I love it! It's a simple car that's fun to drive! Got it for about $5000 off original MSRP too.

Comment for image #90481 2-25-2014 @ 03:07:19 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Yep, backup for now. It needs in intake manifold before long. I just can't part with it!

Comment for image #90481 2-24-2014 @ 09:19:51 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Yep, put a couple grand into it last year- brakes, brake lines, cat, tires, etc... I'm at 186,000 and average 23 MPG, somehow managed to pass emissions a couple weeks ago too.

Na, not a GT. My wife has had the Legacy for a few years and I loved it so I got the Outback to replace the Bonneville.

Comment for image #85188 8-07-2011 @ 09:18:34 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Thank you sir, I've forgotten Rice or Not etiquette.

Comment for image #85089 8-07-2011 @ 07:47:22 PM
Posted By: Jon  
So, there are a couple Bonneville GXPs for sale around me- both going for $9000. I'm tempted!

Comment for image #85109 7-28-2011 @ 08:39:54 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Axiam GTO- thank you Google Image search and file name!

Comment for image #85089 7-28-2011 @ 08:37:49 PM
Posted By: Jon  
Yea, I had two dealerships bargaining with me to buy a GXP- got one down to $13,500 with trading in the Bonneville. I did some research and found some issues with their reliability, especially leaking trunks! When I heard the Impalas are getting the direct injection 3.6 liter and finally the 6-speed auto, I decided to wait for one of those considering they put out more power than the 5.3 in the SS and on Regular Unleaded.

I like the Mazda- now is it a Mazda 2, or is it a Mazda2?

Anyone hear from Trooper at all?

Comment for image #85089 7-26-2011 @ 05:35:22 PM
Posted By: Jon  
...I almost traded this in for a 2005 Bonneville GXP in April.

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