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Last 10 comments by Jurrell

Comment for image #72263 3-31-2008 @ 11:54:35 PM
Posted By: Jurrell  
Reminds me of this french car:

Comment for image #72262 3-31-2008 @ 11:43:54 PM
Posted By: Jurrell  
Thanks! Indeed it is.

Comment for image #65450 7-26-2007 @ 12:46:21 AM
Posted By: Jurrell  
That interior looks like it came straight out of the 80's. Jesus Lincoln sucks.

Comment for image #65358 7-22-2007 @ 01:10:27 PM
Posted By: Jurrell  
Well I just had a cargasm.

Comment for image #65312 7-20-2007 @ 01:58:59 AM
Posted By: Jurrell  
This was an amazing game. I loved being able to take parts off of the cars you killed. I hope someday they remake the game with updated graphics, but the gameplay untouched. So many childhood memories. I got 82 a few years ago, but it wasn't as good.

Damn you remake it!

Comment for image #64873 7-04-2007 @ 07:37:21 PM
Posted By: Jurrell  
The end result of a Mini and Beetle having a drunken one night stand?

Comment for image #64866 7-04-2007 @ 03:03:23 PM
Posted By: Jurrell  
They have left hand drive skylines in Saudi Arabia.

On another note, I am in absolute love with those Rays wheels on the white skyline. Too bad they cost a arm and a leg.

Comment for image #64395 6-16-2007 @ 03:52:08 AM
Posted By: Jurrell  
Looks like the driver was about to kick your ass for taking this picture. I guess he saw you hatin'.


Comment for image #64399 6-16-2007 @ 03:40:10 AM
Posted By: Jurrell  

Comment for image #64386 6-16-2007 @ 02:50:33 AM
Posted By: Jurrell  
It's half British. The parts originate from 50% Great Britain, 20% Germany, 5% Canadian/American. The final assembly point is in Oxford, Great Britian. The engine originates from Brazil and the transmission is from Germany (getrag). It's pretty exotic. In a sexy European girl kind of way.

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