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Other info: Car 6634 & 30035.

Last 10 comments by Kakoriat

Comment for image #23362 9-23-2004 @ 11:58:02 PM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
Just loss the wing and it's perfect.

Comment for image #31883 8-31-2004 @ 12:23:00 AM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
That's cool and all but I still find it very weird to ride in a car that is fast but very quite.

Comment for image #35077 8-31-2004 @ 12:14:57 AM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
You could always try a higher mixture of water over anitfreeze, something like 85% water 15% AF. Just don't forget too change it back after it starts getting cold outside, hehe.

Comment for image #35077 8-31-2004 @ 12:08:15 AM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
That sucks, well I wish you luck trying to cure that problem. Maybe an ugly but VERY useful vented hood would help. I've been wanting one for sometime now, even if it makes the car look a little ricey. Function over form.

Comment for image #35077 8-31-2004 @ 12:00:38 AM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
So the whole engine itself overheats and not just the intake charge from the turbo? Do you know how wide the intercooler is by chance?
That's kind of strange that the whole engine will overheat with that little bit of extra boost but then again I don't know SR20's that well.

Comment for image #11875 8-30-2004 @ 11:51:40 PM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
Sorry to confuse yea but in context to what I meant is my car (a 2G) had a T25, all 1G's came with a 14b or 13g depending on the transmission. A 14b usually see full boost by 2900-3100 rpm. Full boost is a relative term however b/c some people run 14psi while others will push 22psi.

Comment for image #25472 8-30-2004 @ 11:36:40 PM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
Nice color.

Comment for image #35077 8-30-2004 @ 11:30:43 PM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
Overheated? What type of intercooler are you using and what size is your exhaust?

Comment for image #35077 8-30-2004 @ 11:24:53 PM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
I couldn't live with my old T25 any longer! That thing would make full boost (18psi) by 2900 but died off to 13psi by 6500.

Comment for image #35077 8-30-2004 @ 11:18:31 PM
Posted By: Kakoriat  
PTE 50-trim, .63 A/R, stage III, TO4E. Well I guess its more like 3800-3900 but I consider that 4k.

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