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Last 10 comments by Keisuke_Takahashi

Comment for image #17131 1-09-2003 @ 10:22:54 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
Yeah you're probably right, I can tell that's an R32 behind the R34.

Comment for image #17131 1-09-2003 @ 10:20:42 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
That gold car beside it, anyone know what it is? I's either an R33 skyline or an S14 silvia, but I can't tell...

Comment for image #17131 1-09-2003 @ 10:17:14 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
#6 Those stickers most likely parts he has on the car or the shop that built the car.

Comment for image #17131 1-09-2003 @ 10:12:04 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
Me too, I don't really see the rice. The carbon fiber parts just look good on this car.

Comment for image #17128 1-09-2003 @ 10:10:55 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
That pennzoil paint scheme looks great on racecars.

Comment for image #17131 1-09-2003 @ 10:09:02 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
Volk Te37's, those are some hella nice rims.

Comment for image #16758 1-01-2003 @ 08:22:43 PM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
The reason someone voted voted this Supra a 1 is because It's tuned by a company called Top Secret and is one of the fastest Supras in existence.

Comment for image #16540 12-27-2002 @ 12:38:42 AM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
#7 The RC car in the link jesuz posted is called a Bit Char-G and is made by Tomy. The one in the picture comes from the "Project D" set along with an extra body shell of a yellow RX-7 FD.

Comment for image #16540 12-27-2002 @ 12:35:51 AM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
Hey Jesuz, I've got the same Bit Char-G! The project D set with the extra yellow FD RX-7 body right?

Comment for image #16563 12-27-2002 @ 12:33:53 AM
Posted By: Keisuke_Takahashi  
Sad thing is, this guy probably says his cav's a OEM conversion so he can hang with the big boys and their wings and bodykits.

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