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Last 10 comments by Lebo

Comment for image #32028 4-20-2004 @ 01:45:48 AM
Posted By: Lebo  
still FWD...

Comment for image #32044 4-20-2004 @ 01:44:42 AM
Posted By: Lebo  
that would be Scott Caan. there is a slight resemblance...

Comment for image #31582 3-30-2004 @ 10:32:17 PM
Posted By: Lebo  
$250 for a fake intercooler? man, I'm in the wrong business.

Comment for image #31536 3-29-2004 @ 04:34:55 PM
Posted By: Lebo  
the back says, "X RAM AIR-BY AEM X" in what appear to be mailbox vinyl stickers...

Comment for image #31339 3-22-2004 @ 01:59:11 AM
Posted By: Lebo  

Comment for image #31190 3-16-2004 @ 02:30:04 AM
Posted By: Lebo  
oh, tub the damn thing for goodness sake... :P

Comment for image #31187 3-16-2004 @ 12:34:31 AM
Posted By: Lebo  
now that's redneck...

Comment for image #21502 3-11-2004 @ 01:12:17 AM
Posted By: Lebo  
OMG Purple b00bieZ!

Comment for image #31028 3-09-2004 @ 09:37:07 AM
Posted By: Lebo  
I think its rather funny they were running out of room for the last few letters of PERFORMANCE... :D

Comment for image #30957 3-06-2004 @ 06:34:42 PM
Posted By: Lebo  
4 injectors were shorting out, sending a signal to the ECM to cut off fuel. (I guess the master mechanics working there didn't think to check ohms on each injector....) Ended up frying half the harnesses as well but 2 hours and $200 later, its running like new. I'm wondering whether or not to call the guy up and sell it back to him, $4000. :)

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